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Past 4800

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I see the last member to sign up got #4805. Welcome to EpicSki, Mookie.
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Mookie is #4811.
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But who's counting? :

Fox is counting. He's always counting and he was waiting to announce his "Guess the date and time we'll hit 5000?". rolleyes: The prize ...... :
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Lay off Fox, Yuki. He was kind enough to mail Matteo his prize for guessing when we would hit 4000. And it was a *real* prize!
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Me? Count Count?
1-ha ha ha
2-ha ha ha
3-ha ha ha

But seriously, member number 5000 will register at 18.39GMT on 21st November 2003. She will have pale blue eyes, and be a level 8 skier who can do carved reaching turns...
The 5000th person to register, will, of course, actually do so at 23.46GMT that same day. He will ski on Atomics, and have already posted on another ski forum. His second post will be removed or edited for bad taste.
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Then is it too early to begin the countdown to #5000?
New thread being opened for such...

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