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FX94 vs Storm Rider 95

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Calling all Gearheads....I have read many reviews, including many Epic Posts on these skis and I have to admit that there seems to be some contradictory opinions floating around.  My question is which of these skis has a softer Tip (Shovel)  and which is "Easier" (more forgiving?) overall.  Opinions seem to vary.  Could people who have been on both skis please weigh-In?  Also, Any opinion on which ski might be better in mashed potato/cement as might be encountered in Spring conditions.


Thanks for you help.

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Dawgcatching did a direct comparison last year. He thinks very highly of both. Search. 


I own the FX94, did own the old Stormrider, have not skied the new one. All I can say is that I'd bet the FX94 is a bit more forgiving and finesse oriented ski. Hard to compare tips, since the Kastle cut outs tend to be light and give lots of feedback, but are not particularly soft or easy to deviate. While apparently the new SR's apparently are .3 mm metal at the tip and tail, compared to .4 mm throughout for the Kastle, but Stocklis do not have a cutout. Suspect roughly equal inertia and flex, achieved different ways. The real difference between the skis will be feel - both are silky but Stocklis generally have less snowfeel, seem more utterly impervious to what's underfoot, the MX series would be a better comparison if they made a 95 - and I'd guess the SR has a slightly higher top end, although both are very secure skis at speed.


Personal preference more than differences in performance.  This is like picking between a 911 and a R8.

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Beyond, thanks for your reply. I appreciate your response. I really have read most of the Epic threads comparing these skis and as I said, some are a bit contradictory and many reference  high performance cars that I have never driven so that does little for me.  I guess my question about tip flex really boils done to which one is more likely to absorb undulations in terrain when encountered head-on and which is more likely to want to throw you into the back seat and  Is one sig more forgiving than the other.  Truthfully, this is really not apparent to me even after reading probably 20 different threads and reviews.  I'm sorry if I seem to be beating this into the ground, but it seems like a fairly straight forward question that gets lost in all the hyperbole, so I am hoping that people who have been on both might be able to make this distinction more clearly and if there is a general consensus on this.. Maybe it is too subjective and there will be no consensus, but I would love to hear from users that have been on both and have an opinion about this.



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