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Chamonix March 2nd to 8th 2014

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This is a very late TR post, but now I have time and wanted to share for people doing research on Chamonix.  Also Its that time of year that I am getting very itchy to put ski boots on.


This past March myself and three other snow seekers set off to find out what Chamonix has to offer.

We booked with Mountain Spirit Guides and found them to be very helpful.  For a reasonable price they set us up with a guide for six days of lift assisted backcountry skiing.  They also got us a great apartment with a view of Mont Blanc. 

This was an amazing trip.  Chamonix offers amazing skiing options, scenery and a very cool ski town (actually like a small city in the middle of a huge ski valley.)

Here is what a can recall... some names may be wrong?


Day one.   After taking the Aiguille du Midi we skinned and skied the Vallee Blanche Gros Rognon Variation.   The top 2/3ds of the run were perfect pitch untracked powder turn after turn after turn.  The bottom was heavier but very cool skiing through glaciated terrain.


Our signatures



Larger perspective



That night it snowed and into the next day.


Day two.  Storm day at Courmayeur.  In  beginning of the day was very difficult to see, but got better throughout the day.  The snow was excellent throughout the day.  We stuck to the lifts, but did go out of bounds with only long traverses back to the lift.


Here is a video of the first two days


On the third day we rode the lifts to the top  Grands Montets and went out to a run called the Pas du Chevre.  This was my favorite of the trip.  We had incredible powder down steep slopes with huge rock walls to our sides.  The run out was an adventure including some sketchy spots where we demounted although we got by without ropes.  In the afternoon we got a second run down the trees of the Aiguille du Midi mid station.\


Here is the crew after the hike out


Here I am in Heaven




Here is Some Video


The Fourth Day.  We rode the lifts at Flegere. Then there was a series of steep skins ups and Boot packs.  We then rode down the Buet Valley.  At the top a huge fog came in.  We waited until we got cold and was getting too late.  Then We decided to go for it.  At first we were blind, then ahha!  We came through the clouds to a beautiful view.  The run was pretty good with  lots of heavier snow, but the views coming through the clouds were amazing.



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The Fifth day we did a tour from Grands Montets called the Col du Passon.  This was the only day that we had real crappy snow.  Thousands of vertical feet in the backcountry of heavy breakable crust.  However the day was still rewarding in the adventure and having overcome a serious boot pack that challenged us both physically and mentally.


On the sixth day we rode the lifts a Vallorcine.  From there we did a tour called? Grands Autannes to Trient.  This combined a moderate skin with a very intense boot pack.  This ski down was long and pretty good snow ending a cute little town in Switzerland.


Danny our guide along with Eva from Mountain Spirit Guides






cmp3.9.27.0Lq4 0xff93bef7














Here is Video from the last 3 days


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I hate you.  Here's my Chamonix video from a few weeks later.


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Congrats on perfecting the flux capacitor and so glad to know there is still skiing 18,100 years in the future.:D


Seriously though, that place looks amazing. Thanks for the detailed report and the fantasitc pictures!

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