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Sony ActionCam and LiveView Remote

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Saw TGR's Almost Ablaze last week and Sony had a booth in the lobby - apparently this was used for some of the POV shots. The camera and remote look like they're currently selling for about $350 for the pair. Anybody using this and have some comments to share?

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Go Pro is successful enough to attract Sony, etc to that market segment.

Should result in all kinds of cool gear.

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I have it, used it quite a bit, good iPhone app, solid camera, good videos.

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Originally Posted by dakine View Post

Go Pro is successful enough to attract Sony, etc to that market segment.

Should result in all kinds of cool gear.


Quite a few newbs out there battling for the market.  Polaroid also has a nice unit. Contour 2, and others. 

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The rather significant issue I have heard discussed by someone in the thick of this stuff is the lack of decent mounts from Sony  (a strong suit of the GoPro). Said person is checking out something like these for use with the Sony doing pro type filming. No word on happiness yet.


There were some related comments as well about not liking the shape of the Sony so much given how it mounts.


One interesting thing  - the Sony takes stills at much closer to "full frame" in terms of aspect ratio. Results look nice  -  though with some distortion. Said distortion may or may not be what you want. Seen some great looking pics composed to take advantage of it.


FWIW, I still use a beater Contour. So I have no direct personal experience with either GoPro or Sony. 

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Sony is getting better as far as mounts but yes not as good as gopro

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GoPro is deeper in some other areas as well...

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I picked up the Sony late last year and so far I love it.  Battery life is much better than my friends go pros and overall it seems much more reliable with much less fiddle factor.  While I've only had it out on a few powder days I haven't had to change the battery more than once.   The remote works well for lining up shots, switching settings or taking photos, but I think you can do all the same stuff with the app for your cell phone.  I opted for the remote because it is relatively small and I just zip tie it to my jacket.  Video quality is awesome at all resolutions but it does have a 50Mbs mode which is amazing.  I've got a couple of uploads on Vimeo but note that these were converted down to 30 fps from 60 and I don't think I shot these in 50Mbs mode.  Also the Vimeo conversion really reduces quality compared to the original footage on my laptop.  Mounting options are not quite at the go pro level but if you get creative you can solve those issues.


In order to get a more stable mount I actually drilled a hole in my helmet and then used their "hard mount" (forget the name) versus the useless goggle mount and it works great.  I prefer wearing on the side of my helmet so it is a little less stupid looking compared to the go pro IMO.  Also, I think the steady shot feature is a game changer.


Forgot to mention that it can fog, like any other camera that relies on a case for protection, so I drilled a couple of small ventilation holes in the case for skiing and I've had no fogging issues.  Here are some samples:


Skiing pow in really bad lighting on mellow terrain:



Snorkeling in Mexico with the optional flat lens for the dive case and anti-fog inserts:



Time lapse in Chicago:


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Forgot to add that the ski footage was taken with the "steady shot" image stabilization on.

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A bit more... Yeah, been hearing some positive things about the Sony the past few days. Much along the lines of what jay_p notes. From someone using it for work. And with lots of gopro experience. 


Some comments included the goodness of image stabilization, live view remote, and sensor/image quality. Also seemingly of note is the relative ease of turning on/off and controlling shooting with gloved or cold hands.


Mounts were again mentioned as a weak point. Adapters seemingly deemed useful.


As I said before, from a trusted reviewer - I have looked it over, but not used.

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Spindrift hits upon another good point, if the battery in you cell phone or live view remote dies, it is real easy to turn it on and off with a gloved hand. 

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Oh yeah - speaking of batteries - the other thing I heard consistent with what you said is that battery life is way good. Even vs a go pro with the big battery setup.


That said - my trusted reviewer said they't still choose the gopro if they needed to shoot from odd mounts, move it between mounts a bunch, etc, etc.

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anyone have experience or knowledge of the contour2? SAC is selling a blue model for 109 with Active Junky rebate its tempting. I am want one for good powder days, filming the nieces/nephews ( i understand the limitations there) and Mtn biking. Since the reality is that 99% of use will be uploaded or e-mailed, does FPS really matter much since you have to down convert?  

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cool comparison of cameras


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Can I ask what is it like to wear this camera, is it not a bit large especially if you want to mount it somewhere other then a helmet?


So tempted to get the Sony, yet feel a bullet camera would be better

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I have an older Sony AS10.  I drilled the case to eliminate fogging issues as Jay P noted too.  Two holes right underneath the mount.  Better sound afterwards, too.  


As far as quality, my Sony has a definite blue color bias, but overall the colors are OK.  I really like the IS, battery life is great.  The mount on my Giro is solid and works for me.   I think the Sony image quality is as good or better than GoPro Heros I have used (have not used Blacks or above). 

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