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What flex level to begin for me?

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Greetings all!


I'm 60 years old, 163# 5'6" tall and consider myself an advanced skier. (Comfortable with everything I see here in New England except for mogul runs, happiest with groomers.) Bought K2 AMP 82xtis last year and love them. Time for new boots though.(Old ones were Tecnica TI10 (I think) and are 14 years old and packed out.


I haven't tried on anything yet (aiming to do that in the next week or so) but the local shop I first visited is talking about a 90 flex for me. Reading on this site seems to indicate that everyone is skiing stiffer boots than that.


Any recommendations as to what I should look for as an initial flex level?


Almost all of my skiing is here in the Northeast and on groomers tham may be hard but there are some rare powder days.


Since it's been so long since the last boot purchase, everything is new to me.


Thanks in advance, David

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You should have read here somewhere that flex numbers are not standardized so it is hard to make recommendations by numbers.  That said 90 flex boots are in my opinion soft for experienced men.  Remember soft boots cannot be stiffened by stiff boots can be softened by an experienced shop.


In the end boot flex is your preference.  Try on a few pairs and see what feels good to you.  



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100% agree with Lou, flex is personal and not consistent across brands, another important point is that if your boot fits you properly your leg will be encased in the shaft of the boot and the whole thing will bend easier than it will if you are just bouncing around in an oversized bucket, the people i see who are "unable" to bend boots are not normally in a boot too stiff, they are in a boot which doesn't match THEM 


work with a fitter not a seller to find what works best for YOU

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I agree also with what Lou and CEM have said----I will also add that, if your center of mass is located at or slightly ahead of the "boot sole center" then your body weight and G forces will easily flex a boot.  When you are skiing you can generate more than 1 G depending on velocity and turn radius.


Too often the problem is caused by the boot not centering your center of mass over the boot sole center, we call it the sweet spot or home base.   Things that affect Center of Mass Position are---forward lean of the boot----size of you calf muscle---Boot board angle ---- the difference between the height of your binding heel piece and the height of the binding toe piece (delta angle) and of course whether the boot is the correct size for your foot length.


Good luck on getting this sorted out.



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Thanks for the advice everyone. I've been trying some boots and am leaning toward a Lange SX100. This boot seems to be a decent fit although needs a little adjustment as it seems a little tight across the instep and toes. With some work, the fitter has gotten it to feel pretty good (not great yet) so it might work. My plan is to look for other boots and if I don't find another that fits better, spend an hour in the store with these boots on see if they fit better after a little bit of working in of the foam. Size is 25.5. Also tried the 26.5 but that might be a little too big. Fitter said it is easier to make a tight boot fit bigger than to go the other way.


Thanks again. I'll post my final selection.

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Okay, the search is over. I wound up with Lange SX100s in 25.5 size. They fit the best of any of the boots I tried with a minor pressure point that I think will be able to either work in (with the liner conforming to my foot) or with a minor tweak from the shop. I'm looking forward to getting them out on the slopes but that won't likely  be until next month.


Thanks for the advice, guys.


- david

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