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Extreme arch pain w/ Footbeds

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So last season I was getting some pretty severe arch pain, usually I start noticing it just walking from the parking lot and progresses worse throughout the morning. It gets to the point where I either have to stop skiing to take my boots off, or, lately I've been bringing the stock insole in my pocket and need to swap those out to get relief. 


I'm skiing Cochise 110's, with Sole footbeds, they have been moulded to my feet, but still cause me issues. I have flat feet so something with support is important. However, whether it's the Sole footbeds, or superfeet, basically anything with decent arch support is giving me extreme pain. Sometimes it's so bad I can only make 5-6 turns before needing to stop to get some relief.


I don't know if it's the boots themselves that are causing the issues, or if it's simply the footbeds themselves? All I know is that when I use the stock footbeds (no support) I don't get pain. With supportive footbeds I get extremely bad arch pain.


Hoping some of you boot experts could chime in, would really like to get this sorted out for this season.



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probably needs to be assessed in person by your fitter, BUT the footbeds should be a close fit to your arch not jamming into it, now it could be the boot shell is too narrow for the particular bed and it is that which is causing the pain, or it could be it needs better interfacing to the base board of the boot


if you have a tight plantar fascia then it could be that you are standing purely on that rather than the whole of the foot, this can be a pretty intense pain and needs to be addressed, first you need to find out the cause of the pain (ie the tight plantar fascia/the footbed tipping in the shell) then resolve it, not something we can do on line 


if it is the Plantar fascia, then either you need a footbed which is much more mouldable to create a channel for it to sit in or need to have a channel carved out the current beds, you also really need to find out why the fascia is taught and bow stringing on the bottom of the foot as it is probably another area of tightness, if you stretch the origin of the tightness the problem may well go away (or you mayu just be one of those people who has a tight fascia)

FWIW the sole although heat moulded to your foot by standing is not a true custom footbed in the correct sense of the word 

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Have your boot fitter check your arch flexibility "windless". Your arches may be rigid and cannot handle a very supportive device. Support is important to you..... it is just how much support is needed. Good Luck..

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A tight heel cord can also cause plantar fascia pain. Have a good fitter check your ankle mortise range of motion.
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Flat feet don't necessarily need to be supported and certainly not all of them enjoy it.  So far it appears you have feet that don't enjoy it.  You've evidently read literature somewhere telling you about the necessity of support your arches and your feet simply haven't gotten the message.  I'd try listening to them.


But if you must continue your quest know this.  Sole footbeds are fairly wide and hard in the arch area.  Often I find they are too wide for the boot and the footbed arch props itself on the medial side of the shell which makes the footbed feel even harder and higher in the arch since it won't move with your foot but instead acts like a walnut is supporting your arch.


Remove the footbed from the liner and put it in the shell with the heel pocket of the footbed against the rearmost heel portion of the liner.  The footbed should lay completely flat on the boot board and you should be able to rock it slightly side to side without the shell interfering with the arch.  If there isn't space have your fitter narrow the Sole in the arch area.



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Thanks for the responses everyone.


Couple things I probably should of clarified. The arch pain is always on the inside of both feet. I'm not necessarily looking for the support the footbed gives, but without them the boot it is definitely not as snug, thats why I've been trying to make them work. With just the stock insole I notice I'm buckling the lower of the boot quite a bit more to keep my foot held in place similarly to how it feels with a footbed in it. I've been considering Intuitions to maybe solve this problem, take up the volume and not need to use a footbed, or maybe I just need new boots all together?


Maybe I should come see you sometime Lou, I'm also in Calgary.

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Why not?  There is no charge to bend my ear for awhile.  Ask for me and we'll figure this out.



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In my opinion liners are typically a poor solution for your problem.  Don't yet know the solution but if the factory liners don't work unlikely some other liner will be the magic bullet.



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