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Foot pain boots: Chronic acking soles of feet in boots

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For the last number of seasons I have had incredible pain over the whole of the soles of my feet whilst skiing. I can ski two runs then boom! Mind blowing pain which only goes away when I take my boots off and sit for about 30 mins and I can try again. Same thing after the next run. I have tried a good few pair of boots from realy comfortable (in the store) Dalebello Krypton Rampage to stiff and minimual pading Salamon X-130, Lange Race boots etc with the same reaction. I have tried all sorts of foot beds etc with no improvement.

I am quite a big guy 6'5"" 265 lbs and ski mostly fast hard on piste etc which might add a lot of pressure to my feet at speed.

I am really looking for a solution to this but an idea of what causes the pain would be a great step forward!

The pain is not so bad if I ski with my boots unclipped which is great for balance training but no good for all else.

I ignored the pain last season so much that I am left with pretty sore feet all over the arch etc and it took months for the toe numbness to subside, stupid I admit but when the snow is there it is tough one to forgo.

I skied mostly in Norway last few seasons, great knowlage and love of skiing there.

Anyone out there have an experience of this type of foot pain?

Happy skiing for 2014/2015


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Just a little more information would help----


What size feet in centimeters?


What size boots are you skiing in?


What is the circumference of your calf muscles at the top of the liner?


      A large calf muscle will push your toes up into the front of the boot and you might be curling your toes from the load.  If this is what is going on then the boot will need to be modified by changing the forward lean of the boot shell to accommodate the size of your calf.  You will need to find a boot fitter capable of doing this----Colin Martin (CEM, listed in "Who's who in ask the boot guy's") in the UK has the tools to adjust your boots for this.


     In general pain in the soles of the feet is often related to cramping of the muscles in the sole of the foot which can be caused by trying to grip the boot by curling your toes.


     On the other hand ,numbness of the toes and forefoot, can also  be caused by boots that are to narrow or by pressure over the instep---you mentioned, you gained some relief by opening the buckles of the boot---Try this----assuming you have a 4 buckle boot, don't tighten the lower 2 buckles over the foot, clip them loosely to hold the shell shut ---- but, do tighten the buckle around your ankle, this second from the top buckle, is the only one which can hold your heels in the back of the boot.  Tighten it till it hurts then back off, with the micro adjuster, till it is just comfortable.



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