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Anon M2 Review

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I’m a big fan of the interchangeable lens goggle models that have been introduced since the Smith I/O. I’ve had the I/O but they don’t fit my face. My wife uses the I/OS, but that’s too small a field of view for me. Unfortunately, the I/OX didn’t fit my face either (gap over the nose). I love Oakley goggles, but wasn’t a huge fan of the Airbrake styling. So when the Anon M2 was released I was intrigued and bought a pair.


The Lenses


I bought the Landvik Pro model which includes the Black Smoke lens for bright sun and the Blue Lagoon lens for flat light. The Black Smoke lens is a great lens for bright sun. It’s very neutral so it doesn’t distort color, which I like. Also, the jet black looks great and really gives you that fighter pilot look.


The Blue Lagoon lens is very comparable to the Oakley HI Yellow. It’s a great flat light tint and I was pretty happy with visibility in snowy PNW conditions… when the lens didn’t fog (more on that later). 


Despite being an ophthalmologist, I think it’s pretty hard to judge optical quality when you’re dealing with the top brands. The anon lenses are fine, though I do think Smith and Oakley have slightly less distortion and are just a bit higher quality overall.


Frame and Strap


The frame is your standard flexible material with the magnets that hold the lens on. The foam is a little disappointing compared to Oakley’s foam, which I think is top notch. 


My biggest complaint is the lack of silicone on the inside of the goggle strap. This was something I took for granted on all my other goggles. It needs to be there and there’s no excuse for its absence on a $220 goggle. With a large frame goggle like this, whenever I pulled it off my face and put it up on my helmet it was slide up and flip down onto the back of my neck. Totally annoying.


The Magnets/Lens Changing


This is simply amazing and is by far the best and easiest lens change method on the market. It takes literally zero time. You can do it easily in gloves. Just get the new lens anywhere near the frame and the magnets will grab it. It’s fantastic and works as well as advertised. I did take a good fall once and didn’t have any problem with lens retention. 


Performance/Bottom Line


I really loved the simplicity of the lens change with this goggle. They fit my face really well and I think the size is perfect. The field of view is excellent. 


I did have a problem with the Blue Lagoon lens fogging. The seal between the two lenses had gaps and let moisture in. This made them basically unusable in the conditions I needed them most. Anon customer service did not have another lens when I called them in mid-January. So I couldn’t really rely on them when it was wet and snowy and I usually grabbed a different pair. That said, at the end of the season Anon replaced the entire goggle for me and were very nice about it.


I’m not sure I’ll keep this new pair. They may end up in the gear forum. Bottom line, though. It’s a solid goggle with some flaws. But if ease of lens change is important to you, this is the best method there is.


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nice review.  The Anon's were on my list after I read the review on Blistergear.  I have I.O's but I have fogging issues. I am sure its more of a fit issue and not design.  

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Yeah Blister really loves the M2. They really focus on the lens exchange mechanism so I can't fault them on that. 


But yeah, my fogging issues were definitely a manufacturing defect. You could actually see the gaps in the glue between the two lenses. If you read the reviews on Backcountry, a few other people mention fogging issues with the "low light" lens and someone mentions a bad batch. Hopefully they solved this problem. But like I said, overall fit, finish, and quality is a step below Oakley and Smith. I'm going to see what people say about the new Oakley Prizm lenses before I make any decisions.

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I've tried many goggles.......including Smith I/O and I/OX, Oakley A-Frame and Splice, Dragon APX, Giro Onset, and Anon M1 and M2.  A few observations, in no particular order:


-The Anon M2 and Giro Onset have the widest field of vision I've ever seen.  Better even than the Smith I/OX, while being more slimline to your face.  That said, the M2 does sit just a bit taller/higher on the brow, and could push up against the brim of a helmet more than other goggles (depending on your helmet)

-The M2 lens swap is outstanding, better than anything out there I've ever come across

-The M2 lenses aren't quite as nice as Smith Optics, but they're still pretty darn good.  The Lagoon low light lens is nice, though I definitely prefer Smith lenses in bright conditions

-The M2 does fog up (as do most goggles in very challenging conditions) but I found they were a bit worse than most.  I'm now using Smith I/OX Turbo Fan to help with those tough conditions

-The lack of silicone grippers on the M2 is nearly unforgivable.  Absolutely, unquestionably a stupid design move by Anon for premium/expensive goggles. Utterly unfathomable why they wouldn't include grippers on the straps


Great googles, outstanding swap system, great optics, but a few drawbacks that really need to be addressed.  They do look steezy though LOL.

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Thanks for the review.  I have been considering these.

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Hi , I`ve just bought a pair of M2`s, and I`m not sure if it is the right choice, I am concerned about the lens quality as a kept reading it gets really easy scratches, my alternative was Smith IOX but I felt it a bit to big for my face although the fit was pretty good. So can anyone let me know how is the quality of the lens in terms of scratching. Thanks

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We punish our goggles here on Mt. Hood, due primarily to fog that freezes onto the lens while riding the chair, so if you get two years out of lens it's a miracle.


So no $220 goggles for me.  I buy non-interchangeable, large sized Smiths that often go on sale for 60% off if you choose the unpopular strap graphics.


But I'm not one to carry a different lens around in my jacket pocket.  I'm happy to choose in the morning, and live with that choice.

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Originally Posted by Ciprian View Post

Hi , I`ve just bought a pair of M2`s, and I`m not sure if it is the right choice, I am concerned about the lens quality as a kept reading it gets really easy scratches, my alternative was Smith IOX but I felt it a bit to big for my face although the fit was pretty good. So can anyone let me know how is the quality of the lens in terms of scratching. Thanks

In my experience, all lenses with a mirror coating will get scratches very easily. I don't find the anon any worse than any other brand. Just try to be very careful with them. When you take your helmet off in the lodge, take the goggles off the helmet and either throw them in the goggle bag or put them inside your helmet against something soft. 

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Fascinating - I just returned my (brand new, skiied one day) Blue Lagoon lens today for a fogging issue.  They actually fogged up between the lens shells as soon as I stepped outside.  Absolutely wonderful phone support for though - had an RMA number in seconds, a real pleasure to deal with, but they did warn me they may have to substitute one of the other low-light lenses since they are out of stock for the season.  Looking forward to trying them with different one.  I was totally sold on the change-out.  If my use-pattern stays the same I could get a very long life out of these (my old Smiths for 15 years finally cracked all around the face mask part - just got too old and brittle I guess and the lenses were still okay and not too badly scratched up).

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Lens change out is over rated. You can buy two pair of goggles (low light/ bright light) for less than most replacement lenses, and you don't have to mess around with changes lenses, just grab the pair you need and go.

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The M2 felt heavy to me but I wanted the magnetically attached face mask so went with the MIG. Swapping out a MIG lenses isn't as easy as a M2 but not much trouble either. The Anon lens seem about the same as my Smith IO, no more or less prone to scratches. My IO goggles are old first generation and lack a silicone gripper strap so I don't really miss not having one on my MIG's, (last season model). This years model MIG does have a silicone gripper strap.

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