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Ski advice for a big guy [northeast, back on slopes with kids]

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Looking for advice on an all mountain ski.  I'm looking for advice because I am a big guy who's starting to get back into skiing.  My kids are starting to ski so I'm getting more days in, probably 10 - 15 per year.  I'm getting older, 46, and rounder, I'm 6' 5", 295lbs.  I ski mainly groomers on the East Coast but used to ski off piste.  I'm looking for advice on a ski that has construction that can hold up to my weight for a few seasons.


I'm partial to Rossignol and Salomon.  Can anyone recommend the Experience or X Drive?

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To bad your not a Volkl guy. A long Kendo would be perfect for you.

The Rossi 88's seem to get high marks too.

Not up on the latest Salomon's.

Read Sept's Ski Magazine, it has the gear guide.
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Rossi 88 is too soft. Good call on the Kendo. Maybe a Salomon x8.8 Ti.
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What about a Brahma?   I'm a big guy as we (6'3 255) and I'm looking at these

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Do you think the Experience 98 is a good option?  It's got great reviews and has metal in the core to hold up against my size.  Is it too wide or too advanced to take out mostly on East Coast groomers?

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Brahma, sure. E98, sure, but a 191 Kendo might be better for the east. Last years' model in either ski are identical, just without the graphic upgrade.
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Gotta parrot the above poster on this one. That Kendo in a 191 would be the money ski for you.

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How do the Kendo and the Brahma compare?

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Three recommendations for the Kendo, enough said.  Thanks for the advice.  I'm still on my old Vertigo's which treated me well for many years so no hesitation about Volkl's.


The sites say the longest Kendo a 184 for both last year and this year.  Was the reference to 191 an oversight or am I missing something?

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Son-of-a-b......just checked the workbook...184 is the longest length!

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Yes, most big skis top out at mid-180. What's a big guy to do? I'm not that heavy, but 6'7" does put a crimp in my options.
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At 6'7" you put a lot of leverage into the ski. 184 when be fine.
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I was advised (not here) to look at 190+ for my next ski. Currently on E83 at 184. Problem is only a few non-powder non-race skis come that long.

For the OP, the E98 comes in 188 and the new E100 in 190. I'd like to demo the latter this season. The former is still available.
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The Cochise is available in a 193.  It is neither a powder nor a race ski.

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The E:83 is a 'nice' ski, but it really is not a high performance ski, it's more advanced recreational, I know that's not how it is marketed... but it is what it is. I would worry less about overall length and look at higher performance skis. You should be fine on any high end ski in the longest length available, sometimes that is a 177cm, sometimes it's a 193cm.

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I'm lighter than the OP, the E83 is clearly not for him. Yes, it's a little less than what I expected, but probably what I needed at the time. But if I step up at the end on this coming season, I'd like some on-ski demos to base my purchase on. For the Poconos where I ski the most and trips to NE, I've concluded based on the many threads I've read here, some currently flaming away, that I should stay under 90 cm wide for my needs. I've got a pretty good idea what I'd like to demo from this site, but I'll add in some shorter high performance skis as well. Surprised to hear the E88 eliminated for the OP, but then it has no Ti like the E98/100.
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The new E:88 is beefed up compared to the original and the E:100 is softened up from the E:98, but everyone (every guy, women swing in the opposite direction) thinks they need more ski than they actually do. Skiing the east coast with kids after a lay-off from skiing??? OP is getting some terrible advice, but that's EpicSki.

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So what would you suggest Whiteroom?  I agree, everyone, myself included, wants more then they need.  Seems like there was a lot of good feedback on the Kendo in terms of performance and stiffness for my size (295 lbs).  Looks like i can get a pair off eBay with demo bindings for <$400.  Thoughts?


I'm mainly with the kids and get an hour or two to freeski on the East Coast when the kids are in a lesson.

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Good find, $400 would be a good investment, as long as the skis are in good shape. You don't need the newest equipment.

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