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I'm looking for a maneuverable carving/all mountain ski for my son who skis at Whistler:

- Weight: 100 lbs, 5'4" tall, 13 years old

- Did one year of racing last year (had junior slalom and gs race skis)

- Already has a wider set of skis (90cm under foot) for the big days

- Not into the park or jumping


I'm considering a set of Fischer Superior Jr dual event ski in 150cm since he likes the 'race' feel. I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a ski which is a little more all mountain (eg: 70-76cm under foot) which still carves well and would work with his weight. Preferably without a pink colour scheme.


For example:

- Head Rev 75,  149cm (would this be too stiff?)

- Fischer First Lady 150cm (take a sharpie/sticker to the name)?

- ?


While I assume that shorter skis are less stiff, it is very difficult to glean this information from the manufacturers websites.