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Originally Posted by jc-ski View Post

Makes sense - thanks for clarifying.


Would love to see the men and women ski the same course sometime, but I guess that just doesn't happen.

Pretty much only happens during the FIS Team Events during championships, when nobody really cares. I remember in the first of these events, they ran SG and SL, and the men were about 2 sec faster in each discipline.


Now I think it's more of a panel SL.

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Originally Posted by bruins14sammy View Post

All four races will be on the same hill. Cannot directly compare the skiing because all eight course sets will be different.


To perfectly illustrate your point...


I started watching the Are Men's GS that took place earlier today on DishWorld this evening. They did a recap of the first run, with the second run (at night, under the lights!) to follow in same broadcast. There was a very aggressive, short course set on the first run that resulted in a lot of very slow times. Commentators said the times for the second men's run were on the order of 10 seconds faster! Also said the women's GS times on the same hill earlier in the day were like 7 seconds faster than the men's first run!


A Norwegian set the first men's course, an American the second.

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This season Maze has  a podium in four events, & won a SL, GS & DH.  A favorite to win the overall title, for sure.  If only Shiffren were skiing the speed events.  Perhaps that will come in a few years.

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Does anyone know if Vonn will compete in technical events this season, or just speed? I checked her web site, but not much there... 




Just finished watching and the Are men's GS second run was pretty damn exciting!

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Vonn has stated that speed events are her focus this year. GS is a big maybe, but she's focusing on winning at World Champs in DH and SG.


As for Shiffrin's speed potential, she has raced FIS-level SG this season and has a FIS point profile that would serve her well should she choose to race on the World Cup. And her work on speed seems to have paid off in GS, though her consistency in both GS and SL is all over the map right now.


One thing is certain: Maze's game is on this season. She looks like the Maze of 2012-13: confident, strong, focused. I can see her winning the World Cup globes in each discipline this season, given the overall inconsistency of her main competition. Vonn may give her a run in DH or SG, but Lake Louise is one of the least technical speed courses on the circuit - let's see how things pan out on the tracks in Europe.

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Originally Posted by songfta View Post
One thing is certain: Maze's game is on this season. She looks like the Maze of 2012-13: confident, strong, focused.

Actually... she's completely different then in 2012/2013 season ;) Two years ago, race like she had in Soelden would pretty much end her season, but this year she's mentally completely different, and it didn't put her down. I was really surprised of her completely different attitude on evening after Soelden GS, when she was like "oh well just a bad day", while normally it would be end of the world, and it would be best for everyone just to get out of her way. She was always one of best, if not the best, skiers when it came to technique and power, but mentally she wasn't anywhere near Lindsey's level. This year she's good also in this, which makes her much more "dangerous" overall then she already was.

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Smooth and graceful. Very deceiving visually.
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She really did make that run look, well, easy. Amazing. Poetry in motion, personified!  ;-)


Another Spoiler Alert: Steven Nyman's downhill run at Val Gardena 12/19/14. Very different, but also amazing!

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Well described. Otoh, I remember her completely down and not even furious and mad. It was when she unsuccessfully raced in Spindleruv Mlyn, Czech Republic (2008? lazy to find out at FIS), and stayed there the following week to get some quiet training. She was so upset that she felt the urge to share her frustration with some local ski teachers she was meeting there. Doing everything right, she thought, and never be able to find out what was wrong. Should she probably better quit?

She got from the crisis. Ski history records tell the success. Awsome.

Let´s not forget her material. Almost any girl (Lins may be an exception) gets less focus at the company than the best boys. She has been Nr. 1 at Stockli and she and her needs are getting all the attention. Moreover, she can choose the boots and binding she likes.

As I heard both the race department and the small factory are on fire. Enthusiastic about their success against the big names, teams and budgets. As was and probably is again the small team of hers. Add (relatively) good health, experience, probably good contracts and sufficient budget, inconsistent rivals, maybe good sex...

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This goes back a week...Ganong's first DH win: 

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What a great run that was! And what a great smile on that boy's face!
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Posted this in the Bode News thread, but thought I'd post here as well. Press conference 01/04/15, discusses his rehab progress and future plans...


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BAD KLEINKIRCHHEIM, Austria (Jan. 11, 2015) – For the second day in a row, high winds wreaked havoc in Bad Kleinkirchheim, resulting in cancelation of the women’s Audi FIS Ski World Cup super G. This time organizers got it started – albeit 45 minutes late – but after 11 racers officials pulled the plug as winds contnued to sweep over the venue destroying race venue infrastructure. The tour will now move on to Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy next weekend. A decision on rescheduling the canceled races is pending.



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I started watching the Wengen Super Combined broadcast on DishWorld today, and saw this during Ligety's run...



Kinda cool that the train was passing overhead just as he was going under, but more so it reminded me of something In Downhill Racer...



That's the impromptu "beat you to the bottom" race - click here to watch.

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Bode didn't race the Wengen downhill, but he was the forerunner. Here's a POV vid...







Vonn Cortina Super G Run


Vonn Interview


Porino and Lewis discuss Vonn

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Woke up in the middle of the night last night and couldn't sleep, so fired up DishWorld to watch the live broadcast of the Kitzbuhel downhill, which was scheduled to start at 2:30am PT. Tuned in about 4am, and chose to "watch from beginning", only to find the race delayed 30 minutes by weather/fog. That happened two or three times, and then finally they brought the start way down the mountain, turning it into a ONE MINUTE downhill!


Major bummer for all!   :-(

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Do they only win half a gondola? Or share a gondola with the next half race winner?
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The name on the gondola, (like the win itself), probably gets an asterisk beside it.


Literally, or figuratively.   ;-)

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Just a reminder the broadcasts start Tuesday 2/3...


2015 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships Viewing Schedule  NBC/Universal Sports



DishWorld ( Times are Pacific US Timezone )

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Watched the Women's Super G on DishWorld this evening - pretty damn exciting! But tomorrow...


Bode and Aksel will both be racing in the Men's Super G!!  ;-)


There's also a post-race show where they recap the Women's Super G with a focus on the Americans, and a preview of the Men's race tomorrow.

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Men's Super G today has been postponed for weather.
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Damn, that's a shame! They had to drop the start of the women's Super G down the hill yesterday, and wind still had an impact on the race. (Lindsey had a gusty headwind at the start of her run.) Hopefully this will not be an ongoing problem during these World Championships.

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Now I am feeling better about our decision to go for the tech rather than the speed races. The possibility of cancellations was a big reason why.
Lindsey had a gusty headwind at the start of her run.

Tina also had wind for most of it, and I saw some pretty good gusts for other girls as well (like Julia).
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Women's Downhill training on now. Fenninger skied out missed a gate but finished. Same with Laurenne Ross


Available online here;




It appears as if you're behind at the 3rd split you're toast. They just seem to loose more time.

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Women's Downhill Starting Now! 1:00pm Eastern


It's a great course. Lots of fall aways.

Stacey Cook hurt her hand yesterday in a crash. She's going to go with her pole taped to her glove.


Training pov on Raptor Course:



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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


1 21 MAZE Tina
1:45.91 +0.02
3 19 GUT Lara
1:46.23 +0.34

It is pretty much over, now.  I won't spoil it, but it was a great run.

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Very close race!

I agree with the not quite so blabbing today Christin Cooper. They need more jumps on the Raptor course. Maybe a big one at the bottom so it's not so much a gliding test of structure and wax. Maze did loose a bit of time in the air with her coming way out of tuck. Still, great course!

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