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Time for a ski vise

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Ok.  It's time to replace my ski vice; it's getting old.


I did a search and got a bunch of dead links.

I'm also in Canada, so I want to avoid over-border shipping problems.


I notice MEC sells a few cheap (100-145 Canadian dollars) ski vices (Kuu Winterstieger and skiman).


I need recommendations on what vice to get.  Doesn't need to be one of the above, but also which of the above is best (guessing it's the $145 dollar one)?  I don't board.


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This one. I've got the version that came before the wider opening this one has and it's perfect.

There are also twins to this sold under other labels.
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Several years ago I went to a Snowboard shop and bought a friction type of vise, which is not really a vise but does have a slot that holds a ski of any width on its side so you can sharpen a side edge. The side edge is the edge that mostly gets sharpened, not the base edge.


If you look at most ski shops' tuning room you will find friction type "vises".

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But it's the base of the skis I wax. So the vise serves as the platform for waxing and scraping.

I have no idea what this type of vice is you're talking about, DanoT. Pic?
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Originally Posted by sibhusky View Post

But it's the base of the skis I wax. So the vise serves as the platform for waxing and scraping.

I have no idea what this type of vice is you're talking about, DanoT. Pic?


Sorry, I do not have pics and I won't be at the mountain with my ski gear for another 2 weeks so I can't take any pics.


What I use are 2 "T" shaped brackets that clamp to a table and offer a sticky rubber surface on the top of the T for friction grip. There is a gap on top of the T where you can wedge a ski in sideways to grip the ski for working on the side edge. So there is no vise grip at all.


Mine are made of Zytel, a type of plastic that is as strong as steel but very light weight. Great for traveling.

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So, basically the normal vise without a center grip, and not using the clamps when it's on edge in the slots? And not having the center grip for when you scrape? Sounds great for travel, I guess, because of the weight. But you are traveling in a truck, not racing through an airport concourse. Is there no tightening to keep the ski steady when you do edge work? Clearly I'm missing something.
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check out tognar tool works. I've had the profi vise for a few years and highly recommend it.

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This is what I am talking about:



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I have two pairs of Swix World Cup 50mm vises. Never let me down, but closer to $200 CDN. I bought one set a long time ago at Artech, but special ordered the second from a local store.

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Originally Posted by DanoT View Post

This is what I am talking about:

So there's a clamp, but it's a spring instead of a screw.
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Originally Posted by sibhusky View Post

So there's a clamp, but it's a spring instead of a screw.


Mine doesn't have a spring, just a v-shaped slot for holding ski sideways and of course it is all friction and no clamp for holding the ski flat for binding work, mounting etc and base up for tuning.

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I got this from Terry at Slidewright

CAD pricing included as well as USD so hopefully shipping is not too bad,

Paging @Alpinord
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Originally Posted by sibhusky View Post

So there's a clamp, but it's a spring instead of a screw.

I have the same "style" but homemade out of two thickness of laminated plywood,

and the soft rubber grips on the tops.  Holds plenty well enough 

for edge and very good grip for scraping due the grippy tops:  


The grippy stuff is like this:  


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It's tough to get a good price on a new good ski vice in Ontario, Canada. By good vice I mean the world cup versions of Swix, Toko. Holmenkol, Wintersteiger and Ski Man - the models with spring loaded adjustable end clamps. All made in the same place, with minor tweaks between the models, for example -  center clamp jaw width, and mold designs on the end clamps.


The best deals I have found on used clamps have been from kijiji and ebay, but you have to search regularly to find them.  I hear the american amazon blows out these w/c clamps once in a while.


Here's some of my vises, and what I think of em.  


Toko w/c ski vise - almost same as the other brands noted above.  Best vise for waxing/tuning.  Adjusts easily/quickly for all lengths of skis.



Shittiest expensive model made by the same factory in Italy.  Don't waste your money on these, unless you are tuning once a year.



This is a $600 plus double vice distributed by wintersteiger and montana.  Useless for tuning, but the best for adjusting/mounting binding.



Burton RED snowboard vise, with a center clamp thingy from tools for boards,that I use regularly in a shop environment. Not bad vise that is adaptable to skis.  Easy to build one out of wood and some hardware.



Swix Pro Vise 500 - not in production anymore I think.  Another one you could build yourself.  (There is a post of a diy version of this somewhere in this forum)



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I made a version of this
Works well
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I like this one.



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Got this one last year:



Very happy with it so far.  Not having to clamp the skis down repeatedly saves time.  A little pricey, but it's burly (all metal, few moving parts) and I shouldn't have to buy another vise for a long time (if ever).  One downside, to me, is it's not really portable, unless you attach it to a table/bench with collapsible legs, which I work around by tuning ahead of time and and bringing only the tools I need to get by on trips.  I think they're pretty flexible on shipping options, it's a small company.

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I like that Eggbar, but it's spendy and I have no place to set it up.  This is working for me now:

Works fine for doing the edges, base repair and waxing.  Not so good if the skis need to be flattened, but I'll get a stone grind when I need that.  

I don't really do race tunes, but this works fine for off piste skis. YMMV.



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Here's my set-up, which is really functional and relatively cheap.  It uses two drill-press vices (< $20/vice), and two pieces of a 4x4 covered in some rug no-slip material (also under the vices).  


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