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I regularly go through my private messages and remove the less important ones, but there always are so many that I want to keep that my mailbox usually hovers around the 59 message level.

Maybe this is obvious, but last night, I finally tried copying entire message threads from it, pasting them into Microsoft Word 2k, and then deleting the thread from the mailbox.

To copy each private message thread, I had the thread displayed on the screen, then simply selected everything from the top LH corner of the thread (ie, above the Author column) to the bottom RH corner. A quick cntl-C (to copy), alt-Tab (to switch to Word), cntl-V (to paste) completed the operation.

This approach worked like a champ - all the formatting (even the background shading) was preserved perfectly in the Word document. For the first time in years, I now have a mailbox with only 6 messages in it.


Tom / PM

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