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Ski Shelf Life

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If skis sit around unused or used very little, do they lose their physical integrity over time (years)? Or is the life of a ski determined by how many times it has been used (assuming it hasn't been damaged or abused)? Anyone have knowledge or an opinion on this? Thanks!
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It depends on two main factors... how the ski was stored and how the ski was made.  Storing skis tied together or flat can cause the camber to flatten out.  Storing skis in a damp, or very hot, non climate controlled environment can cause the glues and metals to deteriorate.

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Thank you. I take very good care of my skis, but for some reason I haven't been thinking of the camber.
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When you demo a new pair and get back on your do they feel ?

I deomed new Kendo's last Dec, got back on mine, bought them Feb 2011 and couldn't tell the difference. Same edge hold, same quickness.

I tune my own skis, these have over 100 day's on them.
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I tune mine as well, but unfortunately only get to ski about 15 times ( a few days each) a year.
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Meh, don't worry about it.


If we were talking edgeless XC skis my answer might have been different but alpine skis have far more glue/resin at any given bonding site and they don't skimp on intermediate bonding layers and the hard-to-bond bits are relatively protected by edges.


LI doesn't really get *that* much ground level ozone either - if I was looking at vintage stuff I might buy a ski or a boot stored on LI where I wouldn't even bother with something stored in NJ.      The western bits (including southern Nassau county) might be exceptions to this rule of mine ;)

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