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New Boots

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Hi All

I'm a looking to purchse new boots and was wondering if anyone can recommend some makes/models for smaller feet. 9 1/2 sneaker 6'1 Male.

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See a boot fitter. It will be time well spent. The boot fitter will be able to narrow down your options by taking some measurements and assessing you biomechanics. All boots are good. The goal is what boot fits you...Good Luck..

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Burgman is right.  with a low volume foot, a good boot fitter is key.

The Narrow boots for mortal skiers (not world cup racers) include the K2 Spyne 97mm, Dalbello Scorpion, Lange RX 97 mm, Head Raptor, Tecnica R9.8.   Most of these boots are available in Various flexes to suit your skiing style.

Bob- Bootdoctos Telluride

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