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Feet are falling asleep

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So I have this issue when I ski. My feet fall asleep and get super cold and I can't ski for extended periods of time. I went to my local shop to see what they could do for me. They told me my ankles rolled in my ski boots and that caused my feet to fall asleep. I bought a set of insoles and tried to see if that worked, but it didn't help at all. Personally I think my issue is that I have very big calfs and I can only ski when my boots are nice and tight but having my boots super tight causes my feet to fall asleep. Any suggestions on what I can do to help the problem or any brand of boots that might be better for my feet?

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welcome to epicski 


there are many things which can cause the problem you are suffering form, there is also no particular brand of boot that will work best although a few things may help


pronation of the foot, you have that one ticked off and the store made a footbed!

did they assess your calf muscle size and flexibility of your calf (range of motion a the ankle)


these are two key areas, you picked up on the calf one yourself, if the calf is more than about 14" in circumference at the top of the boot it will be pitching you forward which will load up the ball of the foot and send the foot to sleep, equally if your range of motion at the ankle joint is limited a similar thing will happen 


you need to work with your boot fitter on this, you will be surprised how many of them do not understand ankle joint ROM, and will ignore it or treat it like it doesn't matter. you need to find someone who can assess the issue and more importantly do something about it, there is a list of boot fitters in the who's who at the top of the forum, hopefully there is someone near enough to you that you can travel to one of them, if not let us know best locations and we may be able to suggest someone local to you.


A more upright boot will help if you have a limited range, the addition of a heel lift into the boot may also help, but if calf muscle size is also in play then having the back of the boot cuff modified.. either stretched back to accommodate the calf or cut away to give space will make the biggest difference to your comfort and consequently your skiing



good luck getting sorted and bring on the snow!



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Thank you for the information!
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