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FS: Patrol Jacket

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Thought this forum would be more appropriate than the classifieds, please let me know if you feel otherwise.

$100 shipped
FS: Mountain Uniforms Patrol Jacket, men's large. Bought in 2007 or so, worn about 30 days over 2 seasons as a volly in the Midwest. Detachable hood, had enough pocket space that I never needed a backpack.

Will throw in a pair of black Columbia pants for free, plus whatever medical supplies are in the pockets.

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waist on pants?


email me at nsp  treasurer at gmail dot com



(take out spaces, make one word out of nsp and treasrurer)

jacket a go.....pants no so much....I have plenty.


Need to replace an old hard corp jacket and I like mt hard


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Never heard back from previous poster.

Still available.
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Sold. Thanks for looking.
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