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Upcoming Mini-Gathering at Jackson Hole

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By my convoluted sense of timing, the '03/04 ski season has already started. The summer solstice has come and gone, so "technically" the new ski season has started.

Given that definition, I would like to invite any and all interested to join me at the base of the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort aerial tram next Saturday morning (July 5, 2003) at 8:30am. It will cost you $14.00 to ride the tram (unless you have a JH season pass from last winter), and you'll need a pack to put boots/skis on while you hike after we get to the top of the tram.

We'll ski an area called Cardiac Bowl. It's just outside the official ski area boundaries and is about a 20 minute hike (slightly downhill/slightly uphill) from the top of the tram. The "run" starts at about 40 degrees and mellows out fairly quickly to probably less than 30 degrees. It's pretty smooth and soft and goes for about 700 vertical feet before petering out in a meadow of flowers. We'll then hike back up to the top of the tram, which is a bit of a grunt but only lasts about 45 minutes. We can always repeat the run if anyone's up for it.

Ruth and I just skied it this morning and it was great. The scenery is outstanding and beers at the Mangy Moose taste very good when we're done.

Anybody who's going to be in the neighborhood, come and join.

There will be no polls taken.

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What a great invite! I'll be at a wedding in L.A. but if I could I'd fly out for a day like that! I'd especially drive up from SLC if it was a week and a half later (in spite of rental car costs!). From my perspective (especially living in Michigan) there's just not enough opportunity for such mini-gatherings. Say high to Ruth.
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When I talked to Klaus a week ago, he said that the couloir coming north off the top of Superior still looked very good, as well as a fairly large snowfield below there in Cardiac Bowl. If you wanted to ski it and needed another person for a car pool, I would bet Klaus and Russ (and who knows? - maybe AltaSkier and Fred) could be talked into it if the snow still looks good by the time you get there. Hike up Superior from Alta, ski and hike down to Donut Falls.

Just a thought, of course.

From a skiing standpoint, you didn't miss much at the Wolverine outing. We had low clouds, spitting rain/snow, but pretty good snow to ski on. Even a tiny bit of brand-new snow to make fresh tracks on. Fifteen riders total (considering the weather we thought that was outstanding). Four tele, four AT, one boarder, six alpine gear. Four women, remainder men.

The absolute highlight of the trip was Klaus doing a dive in Tips 'n Tails couloir. He actually slid off into one of the holes between the snow and the wall and whacked the wall hard. He completely destroyed one of his tele skis but wasn't hurt otherwise. Aside from the dangerous location, it was kind of fun to see him fall since I've almost never seen him fall in the years I've skied with him.

The party was fun too. I had to leave too early to drive back up to Jackson, but it sounds like it went on well into the evening - in the rain. AltaSkier was going to post a report of the whole day but he didn't have any good digital pics to post so I think he forgot about it. I got one good shot of our group at the bottom of Wolverine. We look like refugees during a monsoon in India.

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Hey Bob, I have to pass on the shot up in dem Tetons, I have company coming into town and need to entertain. I think I should just become a guide, seems that I spend most of my time doing that anway. Maybe next time?! Probably next time...

No photos from the trip, so I didn't post a report. It was a great time, and I already look forward to next years! And, I just bought a really good new digital camera, so, start looking for pics of the world through my eyes!

Si, when are you in town again? I'll chop up Superior with your out of shape butt! I am really busy during a lot of weekends soon, but let me know, maybe we can work something out!

See ya all real soon!

PS - I froze my ass of skiing Wolverine Cirque in fresh snow on the first day of winter!
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