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Just booked trip to Aspen. Need some help. [lodging at Snowmass]

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Just booked a trip to Aspen for a week in February and we're staying at the Westin in Snowmass Village.  I'd definitely like to hit Aspen mountain and Highlands, but I'm not sure what to do about transportation.  We're flying into Aspen and the hotel has a free shuttle, so we don't necessarily need a car, but do you think one is necessary to get around from Snowmass to the other mountains as well as into town for dinner/shopping?  What's the public transportation like?  Is it possible to take the bus into town and ski Aspen, then stay for some drinks or dinner and then take a bus back to Snowmass?


Any tips or recommendations for staying there?  Favorite restaurants or Apres?  Things to do other than ski?  


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Public transportation from Snowmass to the other mountains and to Aspen in the evening is fantastic. No need for a car.

The Westin is in a great location. You will have a blast.
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No problem taking the bus for any of the other mountains or Aspen in the evening. About 20 minutes from Snowmass to Aspen. Might have to change busses from snowmass to Highlands.



\Info is here http://www.rfta.com/ , although I didn't check to see if winter schedules are available yet.

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Thanks for the replies. What about in the mornings, is it easy to get to the other mountains from Snowmass Village?
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Yes, very easy. There are many different buses from Snowmass to the other mountains. You will not have a problem!
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You don't need a car at the Westin. The Mall is one of the main transit stops for buses to Ajax, Highlands and Buttermilk and I think when we went the buses started at the mall, so you had a good chance of getting a seat

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You don't even want a car, the transportation systems that good. I think the last free bus back to Snowmass is 2am, in case you decided to see a show at the Belly Up, which is the best live music venue in all of skiing.

Snowmass has Krabloonik Dog sled rides and a wild game restaurant that is nice. I also like the Stew Pot. It was started by a really nice retired couple that would get good restaurants up and running and then sell them to employees.

Aspen has so many good restaurants, it's hard to make recommendations. Most have bar menus that are 50-60% of the cost, of the same food in the dinning room. I like to walk around town, check out the menus and the free art museum.
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My son and I stayed in Snowmass last year for about five days and loved it.  The preferred mode of transportation among the many mountain choices is by bus... no cost, no parking, no hassles.  The buses usually come about every 10-15 minutes, and the people who drive them are very friendly and helpful! Snowmass really has customer service figured out, at least that was our experience. We tended to hang around Snowmass and the Village for much of the time but when we went to Aspen there were a ton of nice restaurants and a great place to wonder around, if not to shop.  The only downside to the trip was cancellation of our flights from Denver in and out of the Aspen airport; storms forced us to take caravans about 4 hours each way.  But what I remember most were the otherwise very sunny days with wide open skiing!

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Wow, interesting to hear about the free buses.  When I was there with my family many years ago, the bus cost something -- I think it was $5.  That doesn't seem like much until you figure that's a $40 round trip from Snowmass to Aspen for four of us.  That put a damper on our visits to town.  

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Stayed at the Westin last year and went down to the Viceroy for a few drinks. Bar was fun but restaurant menu looked like they were "trying too hard." Took a pass on dinner there...

Free buses are great. We also ended up checking our equipment at a shop near the Aspen Mtn gondola and wore our shoes back and forth on the days we skied Aspen or Highlands. Gave us more flexibility if we just wanted to put clothes in a backpack/locker to go out on town after skiing and après instead of heading all the way back to the Westin before coming back to town for the evening...
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When I visit Aspen in late Feb. I plan on staying in my truck camper at a campground in Basalt. Does anyone know if there is a bus that runs from Basalt to Aspen?

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The bus runs all the way to Rifle. Service is frequent and a couple of dollars from Basalt.
They run on NG, have bike racks, dedicated bus lanes in congestion areas and are supposed to be faster than driving on high traffic days. It's a great system.
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