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Softening Tecnica Inferno r130

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I just bought a pair of Tecnica Inferno r130's (the orange ones) nos. I have been skiing on Lange RS110s for the past 4 seasons and wanted to try a slightly stiffer boot. Does anyone have experience softening this boot to a 120 or so flex? I'm a level 7-8 skier, 5'11" tall and 155 lbs, do you think the 130s are too stiff for me? How much would removing one of the rivets do to soften the flex?
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removing a bolt form the back of a boot will give possibly 5-10% difference, it depends a little on the construction of the boot and the plastic as to exactly how much, one thing it does do is reduce the rebound for the boot, so if there are two bolts only remove one, if you need softer still try both bolts out but then go to your boot fitter and have them cut the lower shell down and replace the bolts so you get the rebound back into the boot 

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do not remove any rivets. this video should clarify for you.





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Hey Jim,


Thumbs Up, I watched that video----wow---excellent!



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Thanks for the advice.  I'm thinking I'll ski as it to see how it feels in the cold, and take out a screw to see whether they need a permanent softening.  


@starthaus how much would taking 1 of the 2 screws/rivets out of the spine affect rebound?  I see how this would impact the structural integrity of the boot. 

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1 rivet removed, is only psychological. you will think it is softer but it will not be. the more that you think that the boot is softer, the closer to crazy you are! :rolleyes


2 rivets removed, you may feel different, but it will not give you any idea of what the boot will feel like if you lower the saddle cuts or raise the lower cuff strap, or grind a channel through the top of the lower spine, replace the web strap with a booster, or add a driver plate to a raised height position. 


good luck.



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