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Looking to compliment my Nordica Enforcers w/ a East Coast gem

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Picked up a pair of 178 Nordica Enforcers 2 years ago and absolutely love them!  They are super versatile out West (except in the deepest POW) and they work well in above average East Coast conditions.  I am looking to compliment my Enforcers with a solid East Coast ski.  I am 43, 5'10" 160lbs.  I only get 10-15 days a year, but I still hammer the bumps, run groomers at speed and hit the occasional East Coast tree run.  Looking for something in the 80's under foot which are stiff enough to handle the East Coast crud and ice, while still allowing me to run the bumps without losing my fillings.  The ski's I have been thinking about are the Magnum 8.5Ti and Bushwackers (Brahma's seem to much for a lite guy like me to push around).  Open to thoughts about these two ski's and other suggestions.  Also, price is definitely a factor, as with only getting 10-15 days, I will be looking for last years or even used.  I got the Enforcers as blems and the price was awesome!  Appreciate the help.

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The Volkl Kendo might be worth a look. The Enforcer is one of my all time favorite skis….I was sad to see it go. 

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Kendo or Brahma. Probably the latter. Maybe even a Blizzy 810 X-power Ti.

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oooh, Brahma. Forgot about that one. I'd take the Brahma over the Kendo. Elan Amphibio 88 or Dynastar Powertrack 89 rip as well. 

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Also consider the Fischer Motive 86 and Rossi E88.

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This is a weirdly un-Epic thread. OP wants an east coast ski, to complement (not replace) his 98 mm Enforcers. He then mentions an 85 and an 88 mm.


Now usually we'd be all over what he mentions as being too much like what he has. But this time, everyone is dutifully advocating 86-88-ish skis. Very well-behaved of us. (Although the on-message quality only goes so far; I notice despite his disclaimer about his weight and Brahmas, they get nominated several times; if they're good for me, they'll be good for everybody. And one beefy 81 mm that Phil characterized as "a big boy's ski" worked its way in there.) 


So OP: I'll be the green meanie: How does a 85-88 mm stiff mid-fat ski complement your mid-fat 98 mm stiff Enforcers? And why do you put a beefy ski like the 8.5 Ti in the same wish list as the Bushwackers, the one-of-these-is-not-like-the-rest ski in the thread? Put another way, what is it that you're looking for, in terms of what terrain and conditions you plan to ski, and what skis have you liked in the past other than the Enforcers?


Alternative idea to mull over: I'd think about something that's suitable for hardpack, ice, variable with scrapped off stretches, bumps. All those east cost terrain features we ski most days after 11 am, whatever the resort's web site says about its grooming or the weather forecast mispredicts. Besides, OP has a much loved 98 for days when the snow's soft. Yes? 


IME, that means a 76-84 mm carver. The most common width you see on the slopes even for a single ski quiver, and you already have a fatter ski. Plenty out there to choose from; start with skis like Rally's, RTM 81's, Nordica Fire Arrow Pro's, or if you have some $$, the Stockli AX or Kastle MX78. IMO, this ski will see a lot more use than your Enforcers back here.


Unless you're of the "I-choose-skis-for-what-I-want-the-day-to-be" school of thought, otherwise known as magical thinking, but entirely honorable, even common. ;) 

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Beyond...I think you are 100% correct.  I am looking for a ski to fill the void when pulling the Enforcers out would be a waste of time.  I think closer to a low 80 (maybe high 70) waist is a better solution.  While all of those should be decent carvers, I do want to dip into our lovely played out East Coast bumps, so I guess why I was looking for something not quite as stiff. So with that in mind, let me reframe my request as listed here.  Something to handle the East Coast hardpack/ice that can also jump into the played out bumps and an occasional tree when the 98's are better left in the lodge.  I was misguided for looking for the East Coast one ski quiver, when I have the option to use on those lucky days we have some fresh in VT

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There is an understandable tension here, in that the skis that are the most fun to arc hard snow on tend to have a flex pattern that is demanding in bumps. I.e., stiff tips and tails. Speculate that this is more of a big deal for people like the OP and me who are lighter. Boing! When you start looking for the skis that are a little friendlier in the flex department, you suddenly find yourself looking at 80-somethings. That may be why skis like the BW came into the discussion. Been trying to figure this out for my own quiver for a couple years now. In my case there is nothing for it but to do some demoing this season, hoping to hit on something I like that is unchanged from last year or otherwise reasonably affordable.

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The Head i. Speed is a nice east coast gem that would fit your needs, except for it not being in the mid 80s for width.  Maybe you could buy some 80 mm wide mac-tac and paste it over top of 'em.;)

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I got a used gs race ski to complement my 98 mm Bonafides and I could not be happier. And I'm out West. If you get a carver, go all the way and get the best ice skate you can find. The beauty of the 98 mm skis is that they are all rounders, so you can complement them with skis that deliver max performance in specific conditions. Beyond is 100% correct.

If you care for the bumps get a bump ski, again think about what you enjoy the most on a hard day. Again if the conditions are variable you got it covered with the enforcer. Sweet ski by the way.
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I love the advice I get on EpicSki posts...I appreciate all the responses already.  Now that we can all agree I need a bit more of a carver, but not a tank due to my low weight, what are thoughts about the Nordica Fire Arrow 80 Ti's?  I did find a pair of Fire Arrow 80 Pro's...which would be better for what I am trying to do?  I believe the pro's have an extra sheet of titanium...is that the only difference?  How would those compare to the MX78's or RTM 81's?

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If you go for Nordica skis make sure to check the Starthaus annual Nordica blem sale.
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For a versatile hard snow carving oriented ski, I don't think you can do much better than the Head SS Rally.  I am a bit shorter than you but about the same weight, REALLY liked them when I demoed them last season.  The 13/14s are sold out everywhere so be prepared to pay for a 14/15 (most seem to be listed for about $800).  There are other models in the SS line at narrower and wider waists.

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