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FS: 2006 Toyota Highlander 125K  

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We are in the process of selling our 2006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Limited 4x4 with 125K miles that is LOADED with NAVI, 3rd row seat, OEM tow package & even the rear seat entertainment in the next few months for a 2015 Lexus NX300h that we will be putting on order.  The HiHy has been a great, VERY reliable 4x4 and performed well in the snow over the years.  Will be asking KBB private party which is currently $14K so private message me if you have an interest, want to take a look at it or even counter our asking price.  We literally JUST put about $800 of new all season tires, alignment, and of course the timing belt was also changed around the recommended 120K mark so it is up to date with service.  We have owned it since new and I have EVERY SINGLE service record and tire change paperwork that the new owner will get.

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mod note - this post was pulled from the car/talk forum thread of the same name. hey - you never know....

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Bump - I added an autotrader link to the original post per request from the op

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Thanks Rusty!

The $500 discount here ($14K vs. $14.5K) is for forum members benefit.  Of course, everything I have is for sale for the right price so I am also willing to negotiate.  As far as a Ski buggy... this thing did REALLY WELL in snow as deep as 3 feet!

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Originally Posted by ndabunka View Post
 As far as a Ski buggy... this thing did REALLY WELL in snow as deep as 3 feet!



Wow, tree feet!

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Originally Posted by SHREDHEAD View Post



Wow, tree feet!


I didn't say snow as deep as a TREE!  LOL


Many HYBRID 4x4's don't typically do well in deeper snow as they use electric motors on the rear axle and when the tires start to spin, the system shuts down the electricity to that axle essentially turning what you "thought" was a 4x4 back into a 4x2.  In the case of the '06 Highlander Hybrid it still has that large (for a hybrid) 6-cylinder engine that drives the front wheels that could be leveraged.  As long as those are moving, the rear electric will also keep the vehicle moving.  Being down south, 3 feet is a BIG deal as we close the roads once we get 2 inches...LOL


On a serious note, this thing did great when there was THREE FEET of snow ON THE ROAD itself in the un-plowed West Virginia mountains when we were coming back one time.  You just had to keep it moving and having come down here from up north, I know how to drive in that type of conditions.  Lots of cars were on the sides of the road but we just kept right on moving and had no problem.  That being said, even the best 4x4 can become a stationary obsticle in the hands of an inexperienced driver so...

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How does a Highlander have the ground clearance to operate when the snow on the road is three feet deep? That is higher than your bumper so you would basically be plowing snow with your truck. And with all season tires instead of snow tires??? Or did you use chains?


Sorry but I wouldn't buy a used car from someone making the above claims.

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The front was "plowing" some of the lightly-packed snow on the 1/2 mile back road.  This was in the middle of a 3 day snow storm so it's not like it was 3 feet of PACKED snow.  Sorry for the mis-representatoin as I didn't think anyone would have taken it THAT seriously.


It was more like 1 foot of packed (to the bottom of the door sill) and the rest was lighter surface snow (brother tells me it was probably 18 inches to 2 feet deep).   I have pictures of it somewhere because I honestly thought that the tires would simply spin where they were.  We DID have to dig out the snow behind the tires a bit to get out of where we were parked. This was in SnowShoe, West Virginia.  I had chains (the front's only) with us because I honestly thought we were going to have to use them but surprisingly, we did not need them.  All I was trying to say is that the 4x4 Hybrid Highlanders are a decent ski machine.  Of course they are not a JEEP or Range Rover but they are more than just a middle-aged Mom's grocery getter. 


I was responding to another thread and the moderator was kind enough to start a new thread showing this availability.  I am not trying to "hard sell" as that is simply not my style.  It's got every document from every service ever done so even if you don't want to take my word for it, you can simply let the paperwork do the talking.

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Reduced to $13,250 or best offer. New listing here... http://www.ebay.com/itm/251782684075?forcerRptr=true&item=251782684075&viewitem=
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Sold to a gentleman in Virginia.  Moderator can now close this thread

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