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What skis for teen in PA, intermediate/advance, also VT, wants to learn tricks on the terrain parks?

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1. 15 year old boy

2. 100 lbs, 5' 2''

3. All mountain/and terrain park ski

4. Ski pretty often (getting my first 'season pass' this year. (PM weekday pass))

5. Ability is 6/10

6. Trails usually are groomed or icy.

7. Skiing done in the Pocono Mountains like Blue Mountain

8. Currently have Technica mega 6 boots.

(Yes, I stole this setup from the other thread)



Hello everyone! I am a boy in my mid teens looking to buy skis. I'll get right into it.

I ski in the Pocono mountains in Pennsylvania (Blue mountain, camel-back, jack-frost, etc) and maybe once every few years to a big mountain like Killington in Vermont. These trails are usually groomed early in the day/when it snow, and can get a lot of patches of ice at night. I am an intermediate to advanced skier (I usually do intermediates, sometimes black diamonds) who usually just goes down the mountain with my friends, doing casual races, or just fooling around. Last year we started trying tricks in the terrain park and this year we will probably be doing a lot of downhill skiing and basic terrain park stuff. Every time I have skied before used rentals from either shops like Buckmans, or rented from the resort itself, so I don't really know the different feel of skis like when they are buttery, etc, because I just use the generic k2 camber skis.


    So my parents decided that this is the year where I can get skis for myself. I just got boots that fit perfectly at the Buckmans' tent sale in my area, and while there, I saw the Volkl Ledge skis. I saw them online earlier and they looked pretty solid in real life. I looked online and got VERY mixed reviews, one saying they are very unstable at high speeds, too buttery, and will hurt a lot if you even attempt a jump on them, and others say they are the best park and mountain skis ever.


So what do I want?

- I would probably need 150-155

- I am very small for my age, at 5' 2'' and weigh 100 lbs.

- I am intermediate-advanced

- I would like skis that are:

           - Pretty fast for when we are not doing the parks, or for when we are racing/fooling around

           - Preferably twin tipped or partial twin tipped for when I get better at tricks and things

           - I would like them to be pretty good at turning/good on ice because I usually go at night and the mountains have a lot of ice patches

           - Look pretty nice. I am a fan of minimalism. Some examples of what I mean are a lot of Volkl's skis like the Kink and Ledge.

- My parents would like the skis to be pretty cheap, around $200, but might be able to go past that if needed.

- I do need bindings, so the whole package should be around $350 MAYBE $400. (Not including installation)

- I do not need poles, I usually go without them.



Anyone that has used the regular mountain rental skis, can you tell me how a skier would describe these like buttery or stiff? I heard buttery usually means better on the park but can sacrifice speed a bit.

Based on my size, weight, and skill level, should I go a bit above or below my ski size estimate?

Based on what I described I would be doing with my skis, what kind of Rocker design should I get? I was looking at traditional camber or rocker tip and tail.

Has anyone had experience with the Volkl Ledge skis?



I know this sounds like a thread where I don't research skis at all and tell people to shop for me, but I have been researching what skis to get, etc for a few weeks and this is a genuine "I am narrowing it down, I just don't know what to look for specifically" thread.


Ones I have been eyeing:

Volkl Ledge skis - Looked very nice in stores but had mixed reviews. Link

Volkl Kink skis - A little over budget, but is my favorite so far, so I might wait for this one to go on sale or something. Link The review is on that evo page also.


Thanks a lot for reading, I know it is a lot, but I tried to be as detailed as possible.

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If you want to be in the park, you want a park ski. If your budget is $400 maximum, your options are probably going to be limited to used skis. You might be able to find something on Evo for that price. 


Don't worry about your trips to Vermont. You'll be spending almost all your time in the Poconos, buy a ski for that. A park ski that works well in the Poconos will work just fine up here in Vermont. Trust me, I went from living and skiing in Southern Vermont, to Pennsylvania (Blue), now back to Northern Vermont. Some of my skis made the trip both ways. 


To answer some of your questions: A rental ski is a soft ski, because it is designed for beginners. A park ski is softer than a race ski or a carving ski, but stiffer than a beginners ski.


Ski size, a park ski should come up to around your nose or your eyes, it shouldn't be above your head. 


Rocker, you're going to be skiing on a lot of firm conditions, and very little powder. So the more camber, the better. A full camber, maybe a little early rise, that's about all the rocker you're going to want. 


I'm not going to give any suggestions on individual skis. Not because I don't want to be helpful, but I want you to select a ski the right way. In order to find a ski that works for you, you need to try it out. Go talk to the guys at Buckman's, or go talk to Steve over at Army Navy, and discuss the options for demoing skis. Tell them you're looking for a park ski, and they'll have you try out what they have. That way you can know what works best for you. 

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If you do get used and they aren't already center mounted make sure they haven't already been remounted more than once already.  You don't want a lot of extra holes, especially in a park ski even if they are plugged properly.


A park specific ski, center mounted, is probably going to handle switch better than an all mountain twin would..

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