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Hi everyone, 


I have a chance to get new Vacuum RC4 Pro 130 from 2011/2012 season for 350$.

Are there any significant changes in newer editions or is this a good deal?

And is it true that Pro vacuums can be remolded like 1000 times, while non-Pro can be remolded only 5-6 times?


My next concern is whether this boot is right for me. I know, if I have to ask that then probably they aren't, but I had same concerns with Volkl RTM 81 and I love them a lot. 

I'm intermediate skier, got carving fairly right on not-to-steep reds and I can condifently ski steeps using short turns. I don't leave groomed pistes, but snow conditions can vary from hard packed snow to soft and mushy. 

I'm in fairly good physical condition (in training entire year, but not really hard-core) and I constantly look how to improve my skiing - improving my skill is an important aspect of my skiing.

I love RTM 81 because they boosted my skiing skill exponentially since they provide non-aggressive super stability. 

Now, RC4 Pro 130 might affect me like RTM 81, but they could also hurt my progression - how could I know?


My main reason why I'm even considering this boots is because I have serious boot issues. I changed four boots in three season either because of severe pain or loose right boot which causes unacceptable instability. 

I have standard to low volume foot with right foot a bit smaller than left. On the other hand I have pretty strong calf. 

I like my boot to be a close and tight fit and I don't mind boot being uncomfortable as long as it doesn't cause severe pain.

I thought Vacuums might solve loose areas in foot part and I could probably loose buckles to make some space for calf. I also kinda like stiffness, but I have no idea how will that reflect to my skiing since there is no way to try them. 

Problem is - close fit with this boots is something that is always connected with "race" which is something I simply don't do. What I like is to get as low as possible in smooth, carved, grand slalom turns. I also like steeps to train my short turns which I like to continue on moguls as well. I don't handle moguls very well yet, but I can ski confidently around them. 

Is there a change I can benefit from this boot or should I be looking something else?


My last concern is properly fitting those because I'm not sure there is a good vacuum boot fitter anywhere near me. 

For instance, I'm quite sure they will set stance "by the book" and custom insoles are my wishful dream.

So, I'd like to prepare myself as much as possible. 

How do I make sure I get stance and forward lean right? Is there a way I can measure this myself before fitting?

I can get custom insoles in other non-ski shops, but what to ask for? What materials? What thickness?

I learned from this forum how to do shell fitting. Are there anything I need to watch for with liner?

Any advice how to avoid common mistakes would be great.