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Boot flex question

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I have read that ski boot flex is based on factors such as size (height and weight), ability, and personal preference. I am 5'7", 160 lbs. I am an aggressive skier and looking to improve. My boots are comfortable but I am curious whether or not a stiffer boot would benefit me. I am currently at 100 flex. If I were to try another boot on for comparison, where should I begin with the flex rating, assuming the boot fits properly.

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There is no standard between brands as far as flex is concerned---one brands 100 might seem stiffer than another brands 110 etc, etc.


     That said, (Assuming your boots fits correctly)---( )--- read through the bracketed article to find out, then try on several brands, select the one which seems stiffer than your boots and go from there (take your boots with you and put one on the left foot and a new stiffer one on the right----just a suggestion.


    Boots will seem softer in a 70 degree room compared to out on the slope so my suggestion is the best way to compare.



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Hi  I just returned from teaching the Euro MasterFit.  I was please to hear that there is a movement to create a standard for boot flex. Hopefully in a year, the nebulous nature of flex ratings will be over.  

Like Mike said; currently flex is all over the place from brand to brand and within brands.  Bootw with a hike mode are typically softer than those with a fixed shaft.  But a flex number is a good place to start to make comparisons.  Stiffer provides a quicker and more accurate response, softer is more forgiving with less push back.

Another key element is your range of ankle flexion.  If your forward range of ankle flex is limited (average is around 16 degrees) a stiffer boot will serve you well as you would not have adequate range to reap benefits from a softer shell.



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