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Lake Tahoe master training programs

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I'll be spending some time in northen California this winter. I've looked at various mountains and it seems like squaw and northstar have the best? programs.
What is your opinion?
What resort would be best considering training level, pass options, lodging, etc.
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Squaw has a very good masters program but it is not cheap.  Northstar's Masters program is pretty limited and I don't see many (any?) far west masters racers from NStar.  The Mt Rose masters program is the other top one in Tahoe and is by far the best value.  Several of the guys who used to go to Nstar moved to our Mt Rose program last year.  In terms of results, IIRC Mt Rose took more trophies home last year than Squaw....

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Could you give me more info on MT Rose?
Avg snow conditions, runs, and when how long do master train?
I am really not familiar with the area
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Link isn't working for me :/
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Originally Posted by jzamp View Post

Link isn't working for me :/

Seems to work OK for me JZ but try again



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Works on the laptop but not the phone...
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Link works for me, even in Texas.

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And just to give an indication of the strength of the program last year,  here is a summary of the results that I put together for mountain management.  (and this is a relatively small program with ~12 racers) 


Far West Masters Championship

Women's Open Class –  4th O/A
Mens Class 8 (60-64)
1st o/a   
2nd o/a  
Mens Class 7 (55-59) 1st o/a   
Men's Class 6 (50-54) 3rd o/a   
Men's Class 5 (45-49) 1st o/a   
Individual race results
Class placings  17 - 1st Places, 18 - 2nd places, 10 - 3rd places
10 Top 10 overall placings
International FIS Masters races, Park City
– 2nd o/a  women 55-59
 6th o/a   men 55-59
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Those are awesome results ScotsSkier.  Thumbs Up

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Originally Posted by Snowfan View Post

Those are awesome results ScotsSkier.  icon14.gif

Thanks SF! Yes, we have been running it for a while but over the last couple of seasons we were able to sit down with. Mountain management and discuss options on how best to structure the program to improve and expand it. They have been very supportive of us and made the commitment based on us growing the program from a small base. We were able to do that and also, as part of this effort, we integrated it much more into the other race programs ( we have over 250 kids across all the programs !)

As a result we are able to have consistency of approach across all age groups and racers can progress through different age groups without,as so often happens, having completely different approaches as they move up. We are also fortunate in having a great race coaching staff at the mountain. ( full disclosure I am also a volunteer coach/ gate bitch biggrin.gif). And the simple act of sitting down at the start of the season and discussing program objectives etc has brought the masters program more into the mainstream as well.

One of the (IMHO) better (and relatively unique) aspects of the program is that while we have a dedicated masters coach we are also able to jump in with the U16/U18s at weekends. Last year in particular when training space was scarce we were sharing training courses with the kids. And it worked really well in driving us to perform better, building a great rapport and encouragement across the different groups, and showing the kids that the same principles and techniques were being applied at all levels of the program. It also meant we had multiple coaches on the hill providing input. Based on how successfully that worked we plan to continue with that approach this year for weekend training as well as the dedicated masters sessions Thursday and Friday)

It is a great example of how to build a cost effective, affordable and successful program. Props to mountain management, our head coach and his team!
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