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Snowing in Whistler

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For those of you keeping your sights on a late April Whistler trip... it's snowing early, hope it keeps up and snows until the end of April. Not sure if the photo will work, the URL's are from this story at Vancitybuzz.  More photos on the story.  My fingers are crossed for a great late April trip.


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i'm going there late march... i'm stoked!

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Not wanting to be a thread killer, but snowfall and storms today have no bearing on snowfall and storms next week or the week after etc.


The good news is that last season Whistler had a horrible start to the winter and yet caught up enough that when I visited there in mid April there was enough snow and good conditions to ski Franz's Run all the way to the bottom to Creekside.Thumbs Up


I expect to ski Whistler again next April on my Mountain Collective Pass or maybe early season if it keeps snowing.

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well of course the first snow falls are anecdotal, it's probable it will all melt... still it's SNOW!!!! i won't get to see that for another month here!

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Snow is great any time and in October; it's nice to see the season is coming.  Hoping for a great snow year as I'll be heading to Whistler much later than usually for me.  I have gone around the 14th of April the past few years (accept last year when I was in Utah), and this year I plan on going around 20th for two weeks with a few people.  I'll be watching the snow all year.  Early season has been good to me when I've made it for Thanksgiving opening also. I was driving up in snow squalls in 2011, hope it's another year like that, full coverage on opening day and even a few deep pockets like the photos below (2011 Thanksgiving day at Whistler). Hope you get that same DanoT.  I'll still be posting snow photos though....when I live in South Carolina it assures me the world is still alive and normal elsewhere.

Old Boot and my Brother






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mountain collective good way to go if doing at least two venues. Whistler is primary area but do Utah and Jackson Hole every year. Was in Whistler today paying for new skis, talk is optimistic!

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Whistler should get a lot of snow this week  There is more moisture expected than all of the last 3 months and freezing level drops to mid station..   

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I hope I get work in the area this winter so I can send LS a report back in Ontario:ROTF.

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Originally Posted by Old Boot View Post

I hope I get work in the area this winter so I can send LS a report back in Ontario:ROTF.


I hope they get some cold temps and snow soon otherwise it may take a while before you can :skiand:ROTF.

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