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question about last

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the wife was fitted in a lange rx 110 and the bootfitter basically said in terms of perfect fit she should go LV, since she has a narrow foot 91mm but also said you can go with a 100 last which would help keep your feet warmer, she is a cautious skier and don't ski very fast or charging so she would not miss the LV according to him, she is a 24 mondo shell, foot measure a little over 24cm so I'm assuming the real last of the boot is already narrower than the stated 97 or 100mm

question is how much truth is in this going with a wider last to help keep your foot warmer?

she is not really sure which way to go, I'm telling her to go LV if it's not hurting or uncomfortable, but she is now onsessed with the idea of a wider boot being warmer on her feet!
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impossible to give you an answer without hands on/eyes on your wifes feet.


if your info is accurate about the widest past of her foot being 91mm, than she will be fine in the LV. the LV in her size will be about 93.5mm wide. the 100 version in her size will be about 96.5mm at the widest point.


common sense would bare out that if there was too much space in the boot(like the 100mm version), your wife will attempt to contain her foot by over buckling the boot on top of her foot. this will result in cold toes due to either lack of blood flow or nerve compression. 


so, your boot fitter was doing real well in selecting a LV model boot, however he seems to be tripping over himself the more he talks. no matter the level of skier or the aggressiveness of your wifes skiing style,  there would not be a benefit of putting her in a boot that has more room vs less room.



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that goes with what I was thinking! thanks!
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the extra volume like Jim said will cause her to need to clip the boot down tight to get hold (which will cut the circulation to the toes)... also think about trying to heat a 1 bedroom apartment with a candle, the foot cannot generate enough heat to warm all the air in the space around it, having a closer fit eliminates this issue

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