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Monster 78s to Bones

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Recently purchased a set of Blizzard Bones.


For the past 6 years I have skied Monsters, when I purchased the Monsters I didn't have a clue what I wanted in a ski. I grew up skiing on the hills of Ontario, Canada until I moved out west to work and play in the Canadian Rockies. I found my Monsters a pretty okay ski overall. I don't really have a whole lot to compare them as they were really the first ski I've ever owned. I liked the ski for the most part but I found they took a lot of effort to turn in the trees, I don't think they were a very energetic ski (at least not very poppy).They just felt kind of heavy and 1 dimensional and I used them in all the conditions you can find out west. I ski at resorts only and I do a cat skiing trip maybe once a year if I'm lucky but i just rent powder skis for that. I like to ski trees, bumps, big terrain like chutes into open bowls, and just kind of play with any kind of cool terrain feature I can find. Oh and sometime I ski with my wife (I am pushing skiing on her), shes taking to it bit by bit! Anyways I've already purchased the Bones hoping a made a pretty good choice for my new everyday out west kicking horse, sunshine, marmot basin ski although I can still bring my monsters out every once in awhile if need be. Was my assessment of my Monsters accurate? What are the differences I'm going to see in the Bones? I really didn't want to get the same ski as my Monsters but I'm afraid maybe thats what I did?


6'1 195lbs


Checking the Weather Chasing the Powder.

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Hi - Welcome. You don't say what length you own on the iM78's. I demoed them in 171, owned them in 177. Overall, agree with your take, found them great in bumps, meh in trees, decent on hardpack, nice in soft snow up to about 4", so-so at speed. Pleasant, undemanding, versatile, good but not great ski. Still see plenty around. Have never skied Bones, but cannot see how you could worry they're the "same ski." Years more technology, including rocker that your iM's don't have, 20 mm more width, totally different design, seem to work with your size and self-description. You did fine. Stop worrying. Suspect you'll ski the Bones for most conditions, your iM's will become rock skis. Which is the way of all nature...

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Well the more and more I read around the forum the more and more I wish I got something else., maybe something without any metal. C'est la vie. Hope these Bonafides will be nice in the trees and bumps. I probably  should have just gotten a ski thats dedicated off piste. I dont ski groomers and wanted something a bit more playful then the monsters i guess. Anyone have any experience on both skis?

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