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Booster Strap Help

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Hi, I've recently purchased booster straps for my boots, and I'm trying to figure out how to use them. I know that they are supposed to go around the liner, not the shell, but the shell on my Solomon Xmax 120 go up so high that it seems I'm doubling up on straps with the existing power strap. Does this look correct? If i remove the existing power strap and replace it, then the booster strap will be over the shell... Pics below, thanks:


Without Booster Strap:



WIth Booster Strap:




Is this correct? Thanks!

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Take the factory strap off and install the booster strap so that it can go around the liner and tongue and be just above the shell---this would mean you would have to drill some new holes.


happy skiing



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Thanks Mike.


Just to be clear, here is a pic of what that would look like. Looks sort of funky because of the high shell, is this right? Or are you saying just wearing it higher up and removing the current power strap as it's now redundant (maybe I just answered my own question...).


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just drill a couple of holes a little higher up on the shell.



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Great thanks.
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Actually one more dumb question. Seeing as the current power strap doesn't interfeer with putting on the booster strap in its position, does it need to be removed, or could I just keep it on and do it up loosely?
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i would take it off, it will only get in the way and annoy you 

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I like leaving the power strap on to snug the outer shell against the inner.  Mount the booster inside the shell with screw rivets on both edges of the reat spoiler.  Use the Booster to compress the liner tongue against the leg and pull the cuff when you flex.  The outer power strap then holds the external cuff closely around the leg.  Ray at Booster suggests taking the power strap off.  I tested some boots with the power strap off and on with a Booster a few years back and found a more positive response from the boot with both straps.  Yeah, it is more to deal with.  But the energy transfer was superior with both Booster inside and Power strap outside.

Bob-  BootDoctors- Telluride

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