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Are you going to the '04 Gathering

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I am working on putting together a few things for next years Gathering. A question that has been asked is approximate number of people planning on coming next year. As no location has been selected by you, the EpicSki public, the official location is still in the air. This is just a thread to see if you are "interested" in coming, and by no means obligates you. It will help us talk with hotels/lodges on working out deals.

Also, if you would like, please tell us where you would like to go, and give a little detail on why.

Previous Gatherings have been at:

2001 - Tahoe
2002 - Fernie
2003 - Salt Lake City

One last thing, the EpicSki Academy will be at Snowbird, Utah. The Gathering will try to be the weekend behind it.
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Alta I am confused. I thought the decision had been made to have everything in Utah. Then Jackson Hole/Grand Targee seemed to be the place. I am curious why no polling has taken place to determine the location that most folks would likely go? Perhaps by state then by specific areas.
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Sorry for the confusion. The decision to have the Academy at Snowbird, Utah was done by the organizers of the Academy. The Gathering Committee is taking this into account. However, there is no reason why the Gathering must be in Utah again, we can move it, but would like to have it "nearby." Once the committee has some suggestions on where people would like to have it, and a few supporting reasons, there will be some sort of a poll/discussion of the location. The location of the Gathering is up to the entire EpicSki Community, not a few select individuals.

This thread is very preliminary. It is only to get a rough number of participants to start preliminary work with individual resorts in hopes of deals/hotels. Again, nothing said in this thread should be taken as a decision in any way, shape or form.
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I plan on coming and am happy to ski most anywhere. As I've said before, I think Jacksonhole offers the best environment for an epic Epic gathering.

Don't fight to ride a fighter, Ski on magic
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If its Jackson or Driggs I'll be there for at least 2 to 3 days since that's only a 3 hour drive for me. If the location is Utah the chances are high I'll still come. Altaskier, if it's Utah, can I stay at your place....I promise I won't bring my Pocket Rockets in.
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If the Gathering is in the SLC area, I'll be there for sure with the wife and kids in tow. I'm not particular as to which resort we ski. They all work for me and maybe we could do different resorts on different days. If we decide to stay at Alta/Snowbird I'm ok with that too. I'm looking at this as more of a chance to meet and ski with some of the people that I've met in our online community. To me it's more about the people and the experience than about the "where". There is plenty of good runs at all the resorts mentioned.

As for Jackson Hole, I'd love to ski there, but with the whole family along, I'm less likely to throw 2 kids (8 & 11) in a car for an 8 to 10 hour round trip. That doesn't mean I wouldn't attend in JH, it just makes it an uncertainty since it would be a family decision.
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Originally posted by Kima:
Well said Kima.
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If the Gathering is after the Academy, then I'll be there, otherwise I'll have to think about it.
Would also be useful if I had a ski rack for an S4.

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i will be there, wherever there ends up being. preference is that the gathering take place where and when academy attendees who want to make it, can.
i will ski utah this year whether or not the gathering is there, so someplace like jackson hole is very appealing.

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I was suggested that last year a good portion of Academy Attendees bailed on last years Gathering. Does anyone have a count on the number of Academy Attendees that skied Friday and Saturday at Alta for the Gathering Days.

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Originally posted by PowDigger:
I was suggested that last year a good portion of Academy Attendees bailed on last years Gathering. Does anyone have a count on the number of Academy Attendees that skied Friday and Saturday at Alta for the Gathering Days.

Are you kidding? Altogether there were 30 participants and 12 instructors. Some of the pros did have to return back home to teach.
But of the Academy participants at Alta on friday, this is who I remember:
Springhill Crazy
And I'm sure I'm forgetting some!
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I'm waiting to see what all the options on the table are.(And have a little fun stirring the pot in the process!)

I still contend that multiple Gatherings are in order if we are to meet the needs of this group. I think it a bit unfair that this is being billed as THE Gathering, when there are others who have expressed direct sentiments about other Gatherings.

Proper terminology would have this pegged as the 'Western US Gathering'. Talk on this subject is increasingly indicating that many on this forum are not 'jumping in'. Looks a little at times like this activity is becoming 'exclusive', rather than promoting 'inclusive' options.

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I’m new to this forum and don’t consider myself a Bear (yet), but I would love to participate in Gathering and I agree Jackson Hole sounds awfully good.
Well maybe not so good if you consider travel time min 6h from SLC and cost of renting a car.


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LM thanks that was just what we were looking for.

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I disagree. Many aren't posting as they are happy to listen to others discuss it through, then will decide. I like the idea of having smaller gatherings at different times, but it is also good to have a main one - particularly for those of us who will be travelling quite a bit to be there. If I thought it would just be 10 people, I'm not going to bother (unless it was near me) but if it is of the size of last year's then it is worth while.

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I would like to attend a gathering in the west, but it has to work with my teaching schedule. I am taking one week off in January to be at the EpicSki Academy. I can attend the gathering if it's right after the academy and it's somewhere between Snowbird and Bozeman, so, sorry to say, Fox, I'm going to have to defer Milton Keynes for another year (dagnabit!).
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I'll be there.

I think it should be in Utah.

1. It's really too late to still be deciding the where. We should be talking about '05. I vote the '05 Academy/Gathering at GT/JH.

2. Having the Academy and the Gathering at the same relative location is better because each promotes the other.

3. We didn't get a good shot at epic snow last year in Utah. So, we need to try one mo' time. It's worth it.
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It would be nice to have the Academy and Gathering always together but the Academy will always be limited by what areas will let them teach on their mountain. A place where the home area may charge the Academy $$$ to hold the event it may become cost prohibitive. We may have to get use to the Academy only be able to go to a few places.

'05 suggestion have already been coming in such as Whitewater, Big White, Taos and Panorama. These places have better snow in late February which is a bad time for the ESA because late February is the peak season for home mountains for the instructors who run the ESA.


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Yes, yes ...I know. I'm answering AltaSkier's question by giving my best case scenario.
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Hey, LM, I remember seeing dchan, Mike Martorano, ryan, milesb and spouse, Bob Peters, AltaSkier, and about 15 other Bears I can't put a name to!

I'll be wherever the Annual International Bears Gathering is this year. Count skier_j and I IN! :
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Yep! What Powdigger had said was very few people from the ACADEMY had stayed for the gathering. That's why i left out Miles, Ryan and D-chan.
But I did forget MikeM, so that's one more academy participant who attended the gathering. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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When is a decision going to be made?

I've got a timeshare booking at Jackson Hole from 7 Feb that I will bring a week forward if the decision is to go there.

Otherwise I'll be in SLC, so I have no preference either way, JH or Utah. I'll be in the vicinity anyway but would be great to be able to coordinate the couple of weeks after the academy with the gathering. There will be two of us attending both meetings if possible. Call us greedy, or maybe just lucky?
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