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Best Bright Sun Goggles?

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Hey folks, 



This is my first post at EpicSki, so I hope I'm posting this in the right forum––and I have a question. Usually I see threads on here about people asking "what's the best low light goggle?", but I'm searching for the opposite. 


As an east coast skier moving to sunny Colorado, I want to get advice on finding the darkest, polarized lens goggle for sunny Colorado days. I've skied in Colorado many times and found my yellow contrast ski goggles to be inadequate for the glare and intense sun at high altitude. I suffer from light sensitivity, and I wear polarized sunglasses whenever I go outdoors, so it is really important to have a ski goggle that blocks as much light and glare as possible!



I intend to try a couple pairs on in shops when I get out to Colorado in a few weeks, and I've done some research into lens tints, but I'd love to hear some feedback––anyone got a sunny goggle that they love? 






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Smith has a blackout, Green Sol X , Gold Sol X. I have the green sol x and it's pretty dark. Platinum Mirror or Red Sol X might look a little bright for you.
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Thanks Dino! Looking at various lens tint VLT charts, it looks like the Blackout is the darkest lens out there. Def want to check it out! 

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Blackout lenses (Oakley has "Dark Gray," anon has "Dark Smoke" etc) are great on truly bluebird days, but they aren't very versatile. If you get it, I would get it on an interchangeable lens model that comes with a second lens in the box for less than sunny conditions.
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Second what kauffee said. I have sensor mirror to go with green sol x. You might want a color, just for the steeze factor. See:

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Giro - limo tint. Pretty sweet. And even decent on other days.
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POC polarized are pretty wonderful, in terms of both glare and resolution. Have had good luck with Smith, too. You don't need to go super dark BTW. Look at light transmission charts rather than assume only black works. (Exception: stay away from anything that allows much blue or blue/green through. So various reds, browns, deep golds, etc, or perfectly neutral grey.)

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Wow, thanks everyone for the breakdown. Some really helpful suggestions here, thanks! 

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