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There will be no executive decision. What we need now are some are numbers on Jackson we know what we can get in SLC. For Jackson we need Lift prices, can we get a discount, hotel, motel, hostel, condos, and houses. What’s the price range? Name of places, web links and rates. Transportation companies, van rental, mini bus transportation. Restaurants and bars to act as meeting places. Stay in town or out on Rt 22?

How about some place completely different? Idaho is not that much farther. Looking for real information to share here.

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As I am of similar opinion to Alta ( : ) I didn't even consider the dual Snowbird/Alta pass. There's just more than enough to focus on at either resort for a day. From my point of view it's just a marketing thing and a way for them to increase revenues at no cost to them. Also, where did you get your ideas about Snowbird lift tickets?
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I suggest that Grand Targhee can be a good base of operations for the Gathering 2004. Reasons:

1) Great snow. Amazing snow. Almost always lots of it.

2) Terrain is friendly to all levels of skiers.

3) nearby Driggs ID (15 min drive) has several inexpensive motels and B&Bs

4) Teton Pass is nearby for the BC/pinner set

5) Jackson Hole is nearby for those who want it.

6) Targhee usually has group discounts and multi-day discounts for its own lodging facilities, for those inclined to stay on the mtn instead of in Driggs.

7) On Sundays, the LDS churchgoers (many of the regular GT skiers) don't arrive at GT until around 1pm, so you can ski the whole morning on uncrowded slopes and short lift lines.

8) Cat Skiing is available to those who want it.
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[quote]Originally posted by AltaSkier:
Originally posted by feal:
PD, I did not read through this post to closely. At first I thought bicyclekick's comments were negative per usual, but he is right, this thread (or one like it) will get out of hand like last year's.
[img]smile.gif[/img] Not negative per usual. Just realistic.

In 2 days were on the second page and we're at 33 posts...Give it a week and I bet we come close to 100 posts. [img]smile.gif[/img]

I'm not sour about it really, I'm more amused.
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One plus for Grand Targhee it is an ideal ski area for people who are wanting to learn to ski powder because of the intermediate terrain and the amount of snow they get. The downside is Grand Targhee can get fogged in causing notorious vertigo conditions. This past seaons two of my friends had weekend ski trips to Driggs ruined because of vertigo they got at Grand Foggy (one ended up in the emergency room).

For non-skiers or those that want a break, Driggs is 1 1/2 hours from West Yellowstone where you can take tours of Yellowstone National Park by renting a snow mobile or riding in a snow coach.

Lodging is much less expensive in Driggs than Jackson or Park City. One reason is its a boring little town. You'll need to get your nightlife at Jackson.

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With the hostel and other in-town lodging JH has as inexpensive lodging as anywhere ($50/double room per night $63/quad/night).

Jackson Hole Hostel

Targhee is fun but just doesn't compare to JH, neither on the mountain or in town. It doesn't have the terrain, restaurants, or bars to properly support an "epic" gathering.

It's a great day trip from JH if people haven't skied there and want to try it.

Personally I will ski both SLC and Jacksonhole next winter no matter what. I just think JH is the better choice for the gathering.
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Hey, y'all.

If you really are serious about coming to Jackson Hole, maybe I can help a little with some inquiries.

Now that I live here (God, it feels good to be able to say that), I can try to find out what some lodging options and maybe a discount lift ticket deal might look like. Forgive me for not staying current on all the threads, but are the dates of the Gathering set? If so, what are they?

I can find out about room rates at the Hostel at Teton Village and also a few of the places in town. I'll look for rates on the less expensive places and if anyone wants something a little more upscale they can contact me via pm and I'll recommend some other choices.

Is anyone making *any* kind of guess about numbers of people? That, of course, has a lot to do with what kinds of discounts some of the places might be willing to offer.

And not to detract from the idea of coming to Jackson (which I think is a capital idea), but Gonzo's suggestion about Grand Targhee is a pretty good one as well. I might quibble a little about the size and degree of the terrain at GT, but there's no doubt that it's one of the best bets anywhere to get good powder skiing that won't scare people to death. There's a great little lodge on the approach road to Targhee called the Teton Teepee. They have a lot of rooms and an outstanding common area, so it works great for groups. You're on your own if you want to find out details (and it tends to be completely booked years in advance for prime dates), but at least it's a suggestion.

Let me know.


(Who is going into his Profile page right now to update his home mountain. Yahoo!)
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The last couple of times I've been to JH, we rented a condo at the racquet club. It worked out pretty well, even though I don't remember the exact cost.
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OK, I know I previously discounted Snowbasin because of the lack of any village or immediate lodging. But as I think about it, what if we arranged for a hotel base in Ogden (at a great price of course) where we could congregate off the slopes and still only have a short drive (20 minutes?) to the mountain. Anyone know if Ogden has reasonable restaraunt and bar options? With this option we could also spend a day at Powder Mountain which gives our Epic Gathering attendees a bit of "funk" as well!

Here's a link for Ogden lodging and dining:

Ogden Lodging

I still think JH is the best bet, although personally I'm going to get there anyway and wouldn't mind the gathering being elsewhere.

Snowbasin website
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It would be a tough choice betwen Jackson and Snowbasin, because I want to ski both (!), but, logistically, if there is a desire to do the Gathering right after the Academy, it sure would be more convenient to do it at Snowbasin this year. I know several of the Academy coaches would like to stay for the Gathering and for those of us who live in Colorado, having it at Snowbasin would make things much more do-able. If there was a good, cheap place to stay in the Ogden area, we could just check out of the Extended Stay, drive up to the new hotel, and after skiing for a few days be even closer to home (Colorado) than if we had stayed in Salt Lake.

Anyway, both places sound great and I will ski both eventually, but here's a vote for Snowbasin for this year!

Thanks for all the good ideas and hard work on the organizing front!
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Ok suggestions. Fox in some thread someplace proposed Winter Park CO. If I remember right it got good response. I too like WP. Lodging can be very affordable http://www.therockymountaininn.com plus the Beaver Village http://www.beavervillage.com other options Super 8, condos.
The town such as it is is small enough that even if everyone stays at different places you can easliy find each other for skiing, drinks, dinner.

I think that last year they offered a 4-pack lift ticket deal for approx 80.00. Maybe someone can confirm this and if they were offered on-line.

Plus Berthoud for those wanting cat skiing http://www.berthoudpass.com
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Yes, I suggested WP, but I'd have to confess, that was at a stage when Vail looked like a strong contender for the Academy. I think WP would be a good idea, but it's not exactly just round the corner from Snowbird.

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Originally posted by Wear the fox hat:
Yes, I suggested WP, but I'd have to confess, that was at a stage when Vail looked like a strong contender for the Academy. I think WP would be a good idea, but it's not exactly just round the corner from Snowbird.

This is exactly what I meant by the decison had already been made.

So input is wanted as long as it is Utah? Ok I get it. Takes me awhile..
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Takes me a long while as I just now noticed that in the very first post..
Considering all that is available to us in terrain, proximity to the Academy, etc., we have tentatively decided to hold the Gathering in the SLC area, with optional day trip to Jackson WY.

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Another news flash. It is possible that the Gathering may take place entirely in JH. A group of supporters are arguing that the scattering that occurs in SLC would be diminished if we had it in JH. Many agree and support the option. Those supporters are trying to gather info on affordable housing and transfer options.


PS. Stay tuned folks things are getting interesting. The Gathering Committee is very busy and has had to resort to tele-conferencing to keep up with the changing tides.
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You guys might try Instant Messaging (at no charge). If you have teenogres at home, they will mock you, but stand tall: what's good enough for junior high school girls is good enough for men who organize ski trips.
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The differences between teenagers and us are 1. We talk better than we type, 2. We don't have the budgets of teenagers and we can afford it. [img]tongue.gif[/img]


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There's also the chatroom!

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Originally posted by Mescalero:
Ample Beginner Terrain: photo proof
If you're worried about more challenging terrain for our Epic experts there's stuff a lot more extreme than Corbets. :
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Nominations for the Gathering 2004 location will close on June 30, 2003.

Please make your nomination on or before June 30, 2003.

We will not accept any nominations after June 30, 2003.
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Much information has been supplied and the pros and cons are being weighed. Please foward to any of us Me, Gonzo or Altaskier your suggestion or information about a specific area. Either post it on this thread or PM it to us.


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But what is stated above is true. Get on with it! I have not gotten any new nominations sent to me for a few days, if anybody wants to voice their opinions, do so soon!
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OK, now you know why I get major base damage following him around!
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Originally posted by Wear the fox hat:

Looks like Fox has found his way into breakable crust.

Fox, let me suggest that for an improved ride you either follow Bob through the CSP (cement slough pour - I guess I'm the only one around here who really knows the technical term for this) or Alta for some BDRS (Base-Damaging Rock-Skimming).

[ June 18, 2003, 05:35 AM: Message edited by: Si ]
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Maybe I could borrow your Pocket Rockets?


My friend, AltaSkier, says i'm not allowed to.

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Originally posted by Wear the fox hat:
Maybe I could borrow your Pocket Rockets?


My friend, AltaSkier, says i'm not allowed to.

And here I thought you were clever, Fox. Solution's easy - dump Alta and discover the Rocket magic. Then, when he loses his skis in Corbet's (at the JH gathering) next year (as I did BEFORE I got my Rockets) you can pop in and pick up after him (just as the nice guy you are since he won't be your friend anymore).
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my kingdom for a moderator.
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