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Well, Pow,
If Milton Keynes isn't there as an option, I shall be most put out.


P.S. You need to leave it open until at least 14th July if you want me to vote, cause I'll be off line until then.
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Edited by AC because I had issues with the tone and content.
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Germany entered
Originally posted by gonzostrike:
After planning this year's Gathering in a place that is sure to nauseate me and everyone else who loves to ski but hates to field childish gripes from immature adults, I plan to attend the Pouter Maggot Fest instead. Sure will beat this Romper Room and Michey Mouse Club nursery we've got here.

Since when did EpicSki become Paula's Ski Lovers? That's what I want to know.

Does this mean you are now off the committee to re-elect the unelectable (locate the gathering)?
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I couldn't have done better with salmon eggs.

Fish ON! Hear the reel sing!
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1.Please show respect for the opinions and contributions of ALL other members EVERY TIME you make a post.

2. A poll may be a useful input, but cannot be the final decision -- for one thing the polls are not entirely "secure" and can be manipulated. Important decisions need to be made based on clearly thought-out reasons. (or at least that's my opinion on it)
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For those(one) who didn't understand the point I brought up today;

Why does the Western US Gathering start the morning after the ESA ends, if there is a desire to distance it from the academy? The point many have been bringing up is that most go to the academy for a week of skiing. If that includes skiing a convenient Gathering, that is great; but if that is not convenient, some may just decide to ski the areas where they have settled in for the week. I agree with the idea of distancing the Western US Gathering from ESA, but I can't see why a Gathering timed to begin at the end of the academy shouldn't be convenient to the site of the academy attendees. After all, there just might be a LOT of people at the academy who really would like to meet other bears, but don't necessarily want to make a five hour journey in mid winter conditions.

i.e. - The point I brought up is the fact that tagging the Gathering(datewise) to the end of the academy already shows a bias toward enticing academy attendees to the event. ---So, why shouldn't it be convenient?

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So, feal, where and when are you suggesting?

PLEASE, this time suggest somewhere!!!


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feal, read my post AGAIN. it's clear. remove the blinders.
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just one more straw....
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Sorry Fox,

I have already put it on this post twice so I didn't bother to respond to your request. ..I am a proponent of Snowbasin, with a weather dependant day at Powder Mountain.

I'm not trying to hammer my wishes here, just inform Fox!

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Here is the thing about the timing of the Gathering. Last year the Gathering got tied to the ESA, I don't really know how but it did.

The Gathering used to be held in late February to insure snow coverage. But the ESA was planned for late January to allow western ski instructors to get away from their mountains. I guess this is a slow time out there. Unfortunately for me at our area here in the mid-west it is our peak teaching season and really hurts my teaching hours to miss any time away from the ski school before the middle of February. Plus our PSIA exams are all in middle of Feb.

I would have no problem moving this years Gathering back to the end of February if that is what everyone wants. This would probably be the last year for it in this slote anyway from what I can tell for the feedback that I have taken. So why not change it this year? The committee which AC is a part of considered this and but thought it best to keep it the same as last year but just for this year. We thought there was an assumption by the forum members that the Gathering would be like last years and we ASSUMED people made plans for the January dates. Perhaps our assumptions were wrong.

Anyway, there is the topic discuss among yourselves.

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I think the answer here lies along the lines of the intent of the Gathering. If the goal is to stay seperate and distinct from the ESA, then moving it to a different timeframe or having the Gathering at a resort that is a fair distance from the ESA location will both achieve this goal. If the goal is to have attendance as high as possible then it should be kept reasonably close to the ESA in both time and distance. I think both have their pluses and minuses.

As far as the people who plan to attend the ESA (myself included), they're going to get plenty of good skiing either way. My guess is, based on the posts I've read, many ESA attendees will probably get together and ski somewhere in the SLC (Snowbasin?)area following the Academy if the Gathering is seperate either in time or distance. So, they're going to get plenty of slope time, with plenty of company, Gathering or no Gathering. What's lost in all this is the chance to meet and ski with the people who would attend the Gathering but not the ESA. If this was to be the last year to have them piggyback each other anyway, there is no harm in leaving it as planned for this year. Maybe ESA attendees would, after skiing and getting to know the Gathering attendees, be more apt to attend the Gatherings in future years, even if seperate. Again if attendance is a goal, both present and future, this is the way to go for this year.

Just my opinion. If none of these factors matter, flip a coin and decide. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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OK, a bit of history. Last year was the first ESA. Prior to that there were only gatherings. In case you missed the other posts, the first was in Tahoe, the second at Fernie.
At Fernie, we started the tradition of having the gathering attendees vote for the next years location.

Utah was chosen.


Utah49 posts a thread entitled "AN Epicski Ski Camp".
At first the response was "bah humbug, never happen"
The rest is history.

It was decided that the academy would be done at Utah to accomodate the attendees of the gathering, especially the international attendees.

Both of these events have merits, and they are a dynamic part of what makes this forum special.
The academy is for what has been affectionately called "the professional students", and the gathering is for the "shut up and ski" crowd.

Neither is less or more worthy than the other, and turning it to a competion between the 2 is just plain wrong.

But they are different, and although it may not be convenient, at some point they may have to part ways.
Here's a thought: At the end of this year's gathering, vote on next year's location as tradition calls for.
Then, if possible, the academy commitee could seek a location near by.
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That is how I would like it because if we are stuck to the ESA when could be ever go to Kicking Horse, Taos, Vail, Hood, Batch, Tahoe or the interior of BC? During peak powder months.

Heck if we get really organized we can go to Europe!!!

I just don't see great things happening if we are stuck to the ESA.


[ June 27, 2003, 10:05 PM: Message edited by: PowDigger ]
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I would LOVE to see Europe, or even South America in the summer time. Keep in mind that logistically, we will never please everyone.

In some ways, its almost easier to plan 2 separate trips, and if people have issues with time off from work, just spend a shorter time on each trip.

This may mess up people from overseas, BUT, if the gathering was in Europe, it would not.

One other thing: As the ESA gains more status, the options as to where the Academy is held will expand, leaving more options for interesting locations.

Given that the Academy accomodated the gathering for ESA1 {it would have been far more convient for the pros to stay in Co.}, perhaps the gathering this year should accomodate the academy. After that, they each go their own way.
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Originally posted by PowDigger:
Heck if we get really organized we can go to Europe!!!
(Fox quickly grabs map)
Um, the UK is part of Europe.
England is part of the UK
Buckinghamshire is part of England
Milton Keynes is part of Buckinghamshire

Therefore, Milton Keynes is in Europe.
(factoid 1)

Next, there is skiing at Milton Keynes.
(factoid 2)

There are several dry ski slopes nearby which could easily handle the Academy
(factoid 3)

There are a variety of hotels etc in the area to suit all prices
(factoid 4)

There is a variety of entertainment facilities, including my back garden
(factoid 5)

Language will not be an issue for English speakers
(factoid 6)

Near good transport hubs (e.g. Heathrow - 45 minutes by train)
(factoid 7)

Game on!

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