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tremblant TGV lift fire

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a fire has damaged the loading erminal of the TGV lift at tremblant that services the upper half of the mountain.


apparently the cables have melted, a few chairs have burned and the technical buildings are destroyed. i don't know about the structure of the lift terminal or the engines but i assume if the cables melted then the structure is probably scrap...



so i seriously doubt there will be a TGV lift this year...but who knows, information is still scarce.



in french:





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How did I miss this thread yesterday?
Wow. That is not something any resort wants, but especially in October:eek

According to a friend on Facebook, they were due to open in 5 weeks.
This from their wall:
Today the Mont Tremblant TGV base station (quad chair servicing the upper south side) was completely destroyed by fire. The damage includes the cable which will need to be replaced. Sad news for the new ski season set to open in 5 weeks. No lime line has been established to complete repairs.
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I'm up there twice this winter in March. Hopefully, they can get something up and running otherwise the gondola is going to be the only way to the top on the south side.

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It's especially bad in early/late season as there is no longer the possibility to ski the upper south mountian only when the bottom is not too good.



There is the slow lowel thomas lift on the upper north side but since it was alrerady very crowded early season it's going to be worse! i might delay my first time skiing there...



I guess liftlines will be a bit longer this year, especially since nowhere in the media do they mention the lift fire so people don't know.



edit: it seems the motors are at the top terminal so at least that's spared... i'm now a tiny bit more optimistic...

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Looks like it might be less damage then they thought. From their blog.

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According to the assessments associated with the fire that affected the base of the TGV quad chair early in the evening of Sunday October 12, we are now in a position to confirm that according to preliminary inspections, damages appear to be less extensive than initially anticipated.

Our teams and those of the lift manufacturer have deployed every effort required to ensure the TGV’s prompt return to service: damage assessments are advancing, engineers are currently evaluating reconstruction solutions while cleaning and reconditioning tasks have begun.

We wish to expressly thank community and industry members who voluntarily mobilized around us, providing invaluable logistics and material support.
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Good news for anyone going to Tremblant. Hopefully the construction goes as planned.


Our team has been working tirelessly since the fire that affected the base of the TGV lift on October 12th. Although the situation is changing day by day, we are taking this opportunity to share with you the latest news.

Following the incident, we swiftly took concrete steps in making the lift fully operational as quickly as possible. The team began by developing a reconstruction plan with the manufacturer and its experts. This plan being completed, the next step, which we are currently dedicated to, is attaching said plan to a timeframe. The timing will depend on the delivery of parts and the coordination of different projects. Based on our actual progress, we are considering Friday December 19th as the date the TGV will resume operations. Please keep in mind that given the nature of the work and the contingencies associated with such a project, not overlooking the temperature, this date could change. We will keep you informed of the evolution of our operations.

Moreover, we confirm that the snow making capacity has not been affected by this incident. The size of the skiable terrain early in the season – from the opening of the resort to the reopening of the TGV lift – should be equivalent to previous seasons during this period. To provide such a ski area the snow making plan will be adapted, making the Duncan Express lift operational right from the opening of the season. In other words, you should have access to the same size of ??skiable terrain, but it will be structured differently. Of course, it depends somewhat on Mother Nature; to which we look forward to help us deliver on our snowmaking plans.

Again we thank you for your understanding. Until our next communication, let us wish for the return of cold temperatures and snowflakes in the Tremblant sky!
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More good news at Tremblant:

OFFICIAL COMMENT - NOVEMBER 7TH Good news! This week, we have received the replacement cable as well as the engines for the TGV lift. The parts were immediately installed upon reception, meaning everything is on schedule and going according to
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New update from Tremblant. Still on schedule. I will say they have been very good at providing the status of the lift repair.


OFFICIAL COMMENT - NOVEMBER 13TH   Technical experts are currently on site and work on the electrical infrastructure is almost completed. Several truckloads of parts and equipment are en route to Tremblant and we expect to receive them shortly. To date, the operation is still on schedule. 

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That's good... i'm actually surprised at how fast they can get it back to working condition...


now let's see if one week of below zero temps is long enougth to open both side for next weekend...   

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I have never skied there early season. Do they usually get both sides opened before Christmas?

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yes usually they first open the South (village) side to the bottom and the top of north on (very) limited runs in novembre, then early-mid december they open the north side and by january it's pretty much all open.


This year du the fire they are supposed to open both sides top to bottom from the begining



But i wouldn't go that early if i didn't have a pass.

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went there yesterday and the TGV lift looks like it's moving along nicely, cable is there, the little operator house is rebuilt so i assume it's now a matter of wiring the controls and electrical supply and testing...

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and how was the skiing!?

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it was rainy on sunday, we were soaked but it was great: very uncrowded, soft snow, and a decent opening for the early season (basically both sides open with each four runs in the upper half and two in the lower half).



however, i heard that with the cold it has hardned up a lot! We might go next weekend but maybe not as it is the 24h skiing event.

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Good news on the TV lift. It will open ahead of time!

From the blog:

Dear skiers and snowboarders, we have very good news! We are pleased to announce that the TGV lift will be operational as of this Saturday December 6th. Following the incident that affected the base of the quad chair on Sunday October 12, we had planned to reopen the TGV on December 19th. Thanks to the hard work and continuous efforts of our team, we will be able to have the mid-mountain chair (one of your favorites!) up and running a full two weeks ahead of schedule!
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