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What are your personal goals for the 2014-15 season?

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For my first whole season in Colorado--first season with a pass (Loveland)--I've decided to some personal goals.


Here are my top 16: 


1. Ski 30 days. (i.e. 1 / 12th of the year.)
2. Encourage my significant other to become a confident, blue-groomer skier.
3. Attend a FOBP On The Snow class.
4. Earn my turns for 5 days. Or at least semi-earn (shuttling allowed.)
5. Ski 4 days at Winter Park (i.e. use up my 4 pack.)
6. Ski 3 days at Crested Butte.
7. Overnight in the Astro van. At least twice.
8. Spend a night in one of Luvs warming huts. (Prefer Chair 8). Ski by moonlight.
9. Ski Avalanche Bowl to Zoom (at Luv) with grace and confidence after they are bumped up. And not just in hero snow. Without stopping.

10. Take at least 3 semi-private lessons. 
11. Land a 180.
12. Land a 360.
13. Drop a 5ft boulder/tree/etc.
14. Buy real ski boots from a bootfitter.
15. Ski (not "negotiate") the following runs at Luv: Marmot, Rock Chutes, Tickler, No 4 Headwall, Wild Child, and Super Bowl.
16. Take one "sick day" when it dumps over a foot.


What's on your list? 

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OP - love the ambition and detail.  Goals:


ski with my kid

ski Squalpine, Aspen, Whistler, and Altabird on the Mt. Collective pass

get in a few cat days in BC

find snow deep enough to use powder skis

avoid helmet mounted go pros

try some "trenchers" on man-made snow on the WROD

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Mine are pretty simple:


1.  Remain uninjured

2.  Ski more than 90 days

3.  Make all of my planned trips (Aspen, Crested Butte, Whistler, Northern Escape Heliskiing)

4.  Become a better ski instructor

5.  Pass my Level 2 exam

6.  Master hop t;urns.


It'll be a challenge to pass level 2 given my lack of ski instructing experience.  And given my track record, it'll be a challenge to remain uninjured...



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I just hope to actually get out and ski as my wife is expecting!  :D

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1. Stay healthy

2. Encourage my wife and enjoy skiing days with her.

3. Hike and ski everywhere with my daughter.

4. Visit some new resorts/explore new terrain.

5. Land the 3 and incorporate it into some lines.

6. Top 1,000,000 vertical feet.

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Originally Posted by Dino View Post

OP - love the ambition and detail.  Goals:



My professional job includes a bunch of time designing achievable metrics....apparently that carried over.


Originally Posted by habacomike View Post

1.  Remain uninjured



I should point out that my list doesn't include the "Rules of Life" my old man made me repeat regularly growing up. 

Rule #1: Don't get hurt.

Rule #2: Don't forget the first rule.

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Get younger after that everything else is a piece of cake.

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Great post and awesome goals from everyone.  This is a fun read and is inspiring me for this season, so here goes:


learn to ski powder with my first real powder skis

get at least 20 days

help our 5 and 7 year olds progress in skill and confidence

introduce our 2 year old to skiing for the first time

invite other families to ski with us

more traversing

avoid injury

have LOTS of fun in the process!!!

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Seasonal Goal(s):


Have a shit ton of fun and not get hurt.

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Yeah this is fun, great idea.

1. Be fitter to avoid injury or at least reduce risk
2. Take bump lessons
3. Break 30 days
4. Organize a group trip to the 'Loaf
5. 2 days at Saddleback
6. Annoy the heck out of the non-skiers around me

Oh the possibilities.
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Originally Posted by cmsummit View Post

Seasonal Goal(s):


Have a shit ton of fun and not get hurt.




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I think my goal is to ski 70 days this season. I hope to get 10 days on my snowshoe pass.

Figure out a way to get at least one trip out west.

Ski with my 7 yo daughter for 30 day minimum.

Get my 3 yo daughter comfortable on skis.

Get wife into adult lesson program.

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Same as every season..


1. Get better at bumps

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Obviously, I want to ski lots, stay healthy and have a good time. I also have a list of runs/areas that I want to either ski for the first time or to ski better than I did last time. But performance-wise, my goals are:


1. Being a more confident skier. Most of my problems come from the 6 inches between my ears.

2. Turn initation- need to do a better job of letting go of the old turn and "falling" into the new one. Worked on it some at the end of last season, but need to get a whole lot better at it.

3. More dynamic up/down (flexing/extending) movements. I would like to do this better both passively and actively and separate them from fore/aft.

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1. Finish year uninjured.

2. Ski 25 days this year.

3. Ski 3 days at Big Mountain aka Whitefish Mountain Resort

4. Improve skills at High Campbell and Northway chairlifts at Crystal Mountain Resort

5. Lose weight

6. Improve skiing skill to PSIA Level 8 or 9 if enrolling in lessons. Feel currently at PSIA Level 7.

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1. Have fun.

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Originally Posted by Posaune View Post

1. Have fun.

That is pretty much where I am at.  Everything else is secondary.

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I had goals last season, but life interfered. Led to depression at season end because they weren't achieved, so going back to merely hoping to survive. Would rather be pleasantly surprised.
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Originally Posted by sibhusky View Post

I had goals last season, but life interfered. Led to depression at season end because they weren't achieved, so going back to merely hoping to survive. Would rather be pleasantly surprised.


Doesn't that make survival the goal?  Imagine how depressed you'll be if that one doesn't work out...


Sorry to hear it was a hard year, though.

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No injuries

30 days

20 Masters races

10+ different areas

Meet new friends and ski with old ones

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Well, if it doesn't work out, I won't be around to be disappointed. wink.gif
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Faster. Higher. Stronger.
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After moving to LA from CO not sure how it's gonna go this year


1.  visit all the LA area ski areas

2.  get at least one weekend (and hopefully more) at Mammoth

3.  get better at carving with my new (to me) Kastles

4.  get decent at getting air on jumps

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Originally Posted by Eagles Pdx View Post

Faster. Higher. Stronger.

*Hears Olympic Theme* Boom-boom-boom-boom... Dahhhhh-dahhhh-dah-dahhh-dahhh-dahhh-dahhh....   :D

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Great thread!


1.  Lose 40lbs by the end of ski season (I'm already on my way as I'm running 6x per week and lifting heavy 3x per week)

2  Stay healthy.  That's a tough one b/c I'm going for an MRI on my elbow tomorrow and meeting with the orthopedic doc on 11/7.  Keeping my fingers crossed I don't need surgery as I'm finally fully recovered from last year's shoulder surgery.

3.  Improve my bump skiing

4.  Look good skiing Agony at Sunday River

5.  Ski Saddleback on an epic snow day

6.  60 days on slope (last year I hit 50)

7.  Get out with my son for at least 25 days (he's 10 and he's my best ski bud)

8.  Pull a spread eagle in the bumps

9.  Pull a daffy in the bumps

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Stay healthy. Stay strong. Keep working hard. Don't get complacent.

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Good to focus thinking: Continue getting better, for both me and my kids. Spend as much time on snow as possible and spend it as effectively as possible.

Specifics: learn moguls, perfect the fundamentals, some gates and masters training.

Gotta get started and make some actual plans, eh?
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Skipping the no-brainers of having fun and staying healthy...


1- Improve conditioning

2- 20 days

3-Ski two new resorts (looking like PCMR since it was added to the Epic Pass, and Crystal Mountain as business is taking me to the PNW)

4-top my vertical feet from last season

5- work on and improve skiing switch

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I really like this idea of writing down and sharing of personal ski season goals on Epicski, so here are my goals for my first season teaching at Beaver Creek.   


1) Keep up the fitness/stretching to stay healthy on the slopes

2) Train for my Level 3 at least 1 full day each week

3) Learn Beaver Creek well enough by Christmas to answer most any question a guest has, and find hidden powder when I'm off the clock.

4) Meet a bunch of fun people (fellow instructors, other Vail/BC team members, new clients and their kids)

5) Get my children's specialist certifications.

6) Ski some corn snow at Park City on the drive back to CA in April

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#1 30 days
#2 stay in the fall line 100% of the time
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