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Vita-man's "Proform" post

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I have to agree with several people objecting to his post and therefore have deleted it. The responsiblity of the rep is not to move product out of his inventory but to promote the product and get people to buy the product in the store.

I have asked AC if maybe we can start a list like the instructors list that would list those persons that are equipment reps that might want their contact info out there.
This would be similar to our instructors list that would have some restrictions as well as requirements. they would need to be contributing members of the site with x amount of posts, and in good standing. they would not be allowed to post "specials" or equipment they have to move. They would be allowed to have contact info so people can contact them with questions, or maybe how to reach their local rep, etc.

Does this sound like a better and fair alternative?
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It does. I feel certain I can get the Rocky Mount Fischer guy to jump in and answer a few questions every once in a while. If he doesn't have time I would certainly do so. Folks need to understand the difference between a "rep" and a "pro rep". In addition, I will only sell to the pros at my area in order not to poach!
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That sounds like a good idea to me.
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Great idea. I usually attempt to make a full disclosure when I comment about a Fischer or Marker product so that folks realize a goodly portion of my winter income is derived from those two entities.

I used to pro rep for a different ski company and the relationship was difficult. I simply did not like their product and had little positive to say. At present, I am proud of the Fischer product both in terms of the ski's themselves and the service. Every company is going to have an occasional warranty issue. Fischer is superb in terms of taking care of the customer.
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I may be an aberration in the industry, but I am not a slut. I love K2 skis, Marker bindings, and the Dolomite Sintesi boot in a profound and respectful way. I would never, ever sell a product I don't believe in and personally love. By the same token, I would never, ever speak poorly about a competitor's product. If asked, I tell people I have no basis for an opinion because I haven't personally skied them.
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Over here there's a thing in parliament called Member's Interests, where the politicians are supposed to list companies that support them, have them as Non-Exec Directors, or who have employed them in the past, that way if they make a comment about something it can be judged in the light of their links to the item.

The positive side of it is that yes, if we need specific help, e.g. on K2 ladies skis, we would all know to ask Nolo.

Could you maybe add a flag under their user name when they post (i.e. where it says "Epic Ski Supporter," etc) which just says "rep", then place the details in their user profile.

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nolo, you mean it's not Keith Dustrud's fault that you're on K2?

well, at least that's my excuse for riding the Axis X!

heh heh heh [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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More proof of the perils of buying a ski just because a big name skier endorses it:
Think of all the poor folks on this forum who bought the X-Scream Series, which is now derided by it's principal endorser as "too forgiving", now that he has switched to another brand.
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But being forgiving was the X-scream's key to success!!! Anything could ski it. A master stroke, selling a premium ski that was longitudinally soft.

I think Stocli's only big-name endorser is Dominique Perret...and most people think he's a girl. The skis sell themselves by their reputation.
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So what do you do if you have skied the competition and think their product is junk?

Is being polite being honest?

It's kinda like when my wife attempts to put her size 6 body in size 4 slacks. Should I say they look great or tell her they look like an explosion is imminent?
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Rusty - I missed the post under discussion, but think I can comment on your last thought.

My grandmother always taught that a negative comment or put-down said far more about the speaker than the "target".

I was never in a professional (commissioned) sales position, but did work retail in an outdoors shop for quite a while. I was their top salesperson before I left.

I never compared "their" product to mine negatively, but I always compared mine to "theirs" favourably. I think it's common sense that most people want to deal with someone who stresses the positive, rather than the negative. That's how I work, and that's how I like to be treated. I find that I never go back to certain places, if all I heard while I was there was negative comments about the "opposition".
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I'm with Jimmy P. Pulling down one product in a category brings the whole category down.

Gonzo, Keith is a great guy but I got on with K2 long before meeting him. I've been with the company since 1987-88.
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nolo - I know, Keith told me. I was just pulling your leg. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

did you spend any time on the Axis XP this year? how about any of the "Launcher" series?
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I am skiing the T-Nines: the Spire and T9X. Axis XP isn't made in my length. I would guess that 85% of my students are on a K2 ski--the guys on Axis XPs and the gals on the T9X. That's what pro reps can do for a ski company and its retailers.
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I agree. Keith worked on me for 3 seasons to try a K2 ski, and finally got me onto the Axis X, my very first K2 ski. I like it a lot.

They will sell themselves if the rep can convince the skier to try them.
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Jimmy P and nolo,

I can buy both points. I guess I'm often wary of folks who either dodge a question about a product or are always saying great things.

I'm a big fan of Fischer skis. They make a bunch of skis that I like. They also make skis that I don't care for and I feel obliged to tell that to my customers. I'm not saying they are making a bad product. The products don't all suit my taste.

Mercedes makes great vehicles. however, I can't stand S.U.V.'s, thus I couldn't recommend the product because it doesn't suit me.

I love the Fischer WC SC and the Bigstixs don't do anything for me. If asked I'm going to say so.
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Originally posted by nolo:
I may be an aberration in the industry, but I am not a slut.
So . . . if you are an aberation, the other guys are sluts?
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Point taken. Guys are not sluts.

What I meant was...oh, never mind.
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