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Narrow Boot Help!

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Hello everybody, I am in need of some advice from you all! I am in need of a new ski boot as my old Lange RS 130's didn't fit quite right. To start off, some facts about me:
6'2" Athletic build at 175 Pounds
21 Years Old
Level 9/10 skier
Off-Piste skiing but no touring
Driving Rossi Super 7's this year
Narrow feet and heel
Extremely high arch (two dots with nothing connecting in the middle)
Fairly high instep

So here is the deal, I had a revelation this summer that I had ski boots that didn't fit me quite right. I had the Lange RS 130 boots in a 28.5 monde which would make sense because I have a size 10.5 foot in men's US. However, I decided that I wanted a smaller boot to get a bit snugger fit. I ended up with the Salomon Ghost 110's in a 27.5 size and they fit great. However, recent events have made them not an option at my local ski shop since apparently North America isn't getting them from what I hear. So it leads me to having to find another boot. I have an extremely high arch with a fairly high instep height with pretty narrow feet and heels. I tried on some of my shops 98 mm last boots and I felt like I was moving to much side to side while still having my instep being crushed. Are there any boots that you can think of that might have a near race like fit but have some room for my instep? I am counting on having to have work done by a boot fitter later. I am not extremely heavy so I am planning on doing down to a lower flex index boot because I want the boot to flex when I am landing drops so I do not break my tibia and fibula from the transferred force. If I didn't give enough information, please let me know.
Thank you,
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To clarify, I ended up liking the Salomon Ghost 110 but my store didn't have them in stock for my size, so I had to order them. They never came in though because Salomon won't be making any for North America this season. Thus, I am looking for a new boot.
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Print out and read the above article and pay close attention to the "Shell fit" info (take the article with you to the shop)----perform a shell fit on any and all boots you look at, as this is the best advice we could give you, ----- we can't see your feet form here.  The correct size will contain your feet without being over tightened---also pay attention to how much room is over the instep.  Pay little to no attention to the size marked on the boot or what size the charts say you should wear.


Go with a 4 buckle boot as they have the ability to tighten the ankle and heel and stop you from moving front to back inside the shell as you ski.  A boot with one buckle around the leg will not allow you to vary the pressure / hold you achieve at the ankle compared to the calf.




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It sounds as if you need a 95mm lasted boot problem is they don't have very high insteps.  A model that might work for you is a Dalbello Scorpion WC which has a reasonably high instep but will be a bitch to get into.  A 98mm boot with a very narrow heel and generous instep room is the Scott 98mm boot.  Both will be hard to find.  Where are you located?



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Hi there, sorry for being offline for a while. I took your advice into consideration and actually ended up with a 13-14 Fischer Ranger Vacuum Pro 13. The boot was initially a little to short but that was because I couldn't fit my heel all the way back into the pocket. A little session with the vacuum machine did the trick. I ended up going down to a 26.5 size boot with the shell length at 308 mm. They heated me up and fitted me with toe caps and a thin instep pad and pressed the boots to 300 psi in the heel and 250 around the toe. I can honestly say that these are probably the suggest boots I have ever been in that I can actually tolerate for more than 30 minutes.thank you guys for all of your help with the shell guide
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