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Boot Doc SBT liner?

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I hear great things about the Boot Doc liners in general. Anyone seen the SBT model? I think it stand for Snowboard Touring or something. They claim its super light and built for touring boots, has the flex panel by the Achilles like some Intuition liners etc. Wondering if they still foam up nicely, and how they ski etc. How much of a compromise are they from their normal boots etc..

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The Boot Doc SBT Model is based on the Tour model that was available previously and feature a lacing system to improve heel retention,

flex panel in Achilles area to facilitate the walk mode, lightweight construction, and a lower cuff height to match most touring boots or snowboard boots on the market.

We have injected them in Snowboard boots with good results for people who have a hard time getting heel retention and also in the Apex boot for a more custom fit and feel. The liner is not much of a compromise from the other liners in the Boot Doc selection for Alpine boots with the only inhibitor being the lower cuff height.

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