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Stowe requirements

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Good morning,


I am a PSIA level 3 instructor teaching part-time in VT. I am thinking of making a jump to Stowe and would be grateful for any information about the ski school, requirements, commitment, availability of housing, etc.


I am happy where I am and have some great clients but I am entertaining a change - maybe some new terrain, people etc. I just don't want to contact the mountain and have the word get out that I'm thinking of leaving. I am hoping to get some info here from other instructors that would help me think things over. Thanks for reading.

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Hey there @soulski.
I would be more then happy to chat with you about making the move and completely understand the need to no let it get around. Email me at [eek - email address removed by the moderator]
We are having our big hiring clinic on the 18th where we hire 95% of our new staff so it a little time sensative. Give me a shout.
Nate Gardner
Children's Programs On-Hill Manager
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thanks for getting back to me. This may be an early "recon" plan. Might have a better chance of happening next season, but here are a couple of questions.


How many days are required for part time status?

How many are needed around holiday periods - Xmas, MLK, Feb week?

Are there any required training days and do they count towards commitment days?

Do I get to pick the days or are they assigned?

Ball park pay range for a part time level 3?

What is the requested private rate?

Are there separate kids and adults instructors or does an instructor able / expected to do both?

What are some of the perks? 


I know this may be a lot of questions for something down the road but I like to start my research as soon as I can.


Thank you

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Hey soulski.

We require a minimum of 18 days (for now), but if you come up and don't get work or get called off that counts.
We have 5 calendar options to choose from. Each one does have days around 1 or all of those holiday periods as those are the biggest time periods for us.
As a new hire there a 4 required training days that are not part of the 18.
As a part-time level 3 your rotation would be mostly private lessons and adult groups. We work very hard to match up our guests with the best coach for them, but it is always great to find high level coaches who are willing to teach anything.
In your first year as a part-time coach you would get a pass for you and vouchers for each day worked for a spouse or dependent child, 2 comp vouchers & 2 discount vouchers for anyone, 50% off food, 30% off retail, free training from PSIA Ed staff available 6 days/week.
I'll PM you the wage info.
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Speaking from experience, working part-time instructing at Stowe is a great experience. I've worked at a few mountains now, and Stowe is without a doubt the best I've worked at. The schedules Nate spoke about work for most people, and they can be flexible to a certain degree. If there are a couple days you can't work, Donna is usually good about letting you tweak your schedule. It's a good place to work, even better place to play. 

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