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Do Not Feed the Trolls

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Hello all,
Just a little reminder, at the bottom of every post is an icon:

If you read a post which is offensive, please click the icon, which will immediately mail AC, and allow him to remove the offending post, or otherwise as he sees fit.

Epic and other web discussion fora are becoming targets of people trying to stir up trouble, either by posting something to raise up hatred against another forum, or just to anger posters here.

Best thing to do if you see an offensive post is report it. Don't reply to it. If you don't feed the trolls, eventually they get bored and move somewhere else.

Here endeth today's lesson


[ May 26, 2003, 01:09 PM: Message edited by: Wear the fox hat ]
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Amen, Rt. Rev Fox! Amen!
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pesky, go back to the hash factory
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I've got a few thoughts about trolls. First, I learned this from another internet ski site. Just don't respond to the jerks. Then, the thread will quietly just drop off the page. AC can delete it if he sees fit. Thats the funny thing about trolls, they feed off your responses.

Second thought on trolls. Some of them can be enertaining. Some ask questions that spur discussion among the rest of us, some good, some bad. So whats wrong with that? I enjoy a good debate around here. Just play fair. Whats wrong with a troll that asks questions that make you thing? Some of the most respected members of this site are really just trolls when you boil it down.

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Hi Alta,
Yes, I agree, some trolls are worth watching, for a laugh, and others are best left alone.

My reason behind starting this thread was after several posts went up one day, and were closely followed by another post, which were aimed as being direct attacks to/from another forum, or an attempt to start a war between the two. I thought it was appropriate to remind people what to do with offensive posts.

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Originally posted by Wear the fox hat:
My reason behind starting this thread was an attempt to start a war.

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Nice mullett.
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Not a true mullet, barnboy - just long hair.
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So, counselor, to retract or let stand?
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Aimee Mann had a rat tail mullet in the video for "Voices carry." That changed my opinion on mullets.

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Originally posted by Maddog1959:
Aimee Mann had a rat tail mullet...
Rats are cool!
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This just reminds me that Trollo (sp?) in German means
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