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Twin tip ski sizing?

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Hello Everyone! First post here, glad to become a part of the community. Last year I Purchased a pair of 2013 Volkl RTM 75 159cm skis, Head Bindings (not sure the model and then I'm out of town for work) and Nordica 3 piece boots. I love the package but I'd like to experiment with some freestyle, twin tip skis as well this year. I'm 24, in excellent physical condition. 5'8" 175... All the size guides I find online seem to be too big. I mainly ski in Duluth MN so icy, groomed trails. What size freestyle ski should I be looking at?
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You can usually go bigger with twin tips as they ski short. The selection will also depend on your ski ability. I would recommend going with at least 170 cm given your size. Hope this helps.

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I called the Ski shop back home and they said the same thing... Thank you for the reply Oscar
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