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Looking for boot suggestions.

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I'm about ready to look for a new pair of boots and thought I put my info out here and see if I can get some direction. I'll buy at a shop, but want to select a few models to look at.


Me: 5'9" 210lbs Advanced/Expert, East Coast skier who skis trees and bumps when possible and gets out West about once a season. I also night league race at Wachusett and usually score gold plus with occasional platinum. Usually wear a 9.5/10 size shoe and ski in a 26.0 Atomic shell.


Current Boots:  Atomic CS 130 about 5 years old now. I've been pretty happy with these performance wise. But I did ditch the liner and put in the old Nordica liner (from my previous Hot Rods) because it felt denser and gave me a better fit. I left the Nordica's because they rubbed a bone spur on my heal that I was never able to fix to my satisfaction. Didn't bother me at all in the Atomics. Both had a fair amount of work done on them with grinding, canting, custom foot bed, and fore/aft balance. No complaints with performance.


What I'm looking for: I really like the performance of the Atomics. But I would like to find something that is a little warmer (I have hotronics installed and they barely keep my toes warm) and maybe a little more comfortable that won't sacrifice (much) in the way of race performance. Something heat mold-able would be nice.


May just move up to the new Atomic (Redster?) but want to have a few other options to check out before pulling the trigger.



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why not let the boot fitter select some models?   that is what they have trained for and is what they do professionally?



just go in with an open mind, and see what feels the best on.

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That's fine and I'm very pro boot fitter, but I still want to get an idea of what is out there. I like to go into purchasing situations, especially when I'm going to drop a fair amount of coin, with a good idea of the existing options.


Note: I'm not fishing for a "what boot fits me?" type answer, just asking what a few good boots might be in the ballpark of my description.

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