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Park City for the holidays

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Hello everyone.  Brand new to the boards.  Coming out with three other families this December.  Was looking for some general suggestions on how far in advance to purchase DV lift tix? Restaurant reservations, when & if necessary? Restaurant & pubs recommendations also.  Thanks in advance

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I have made the trip from the east coast to Utah 3 times for ski vacations.  We tend to have a home base at the Canyons then drive to other ski resorts. Are you going to ski just DV? If so some of the ski stores in Utah have discounted lift tickets (i.e. Canyon Sports). I did learn the hard way on year 1 when on my last day I had tickets for DV and it snowed 8 inches at the Canyons and it was frozen rain at Deer Valley. After that I stopped buying all my lift tickets  ahead of time and just followed the storms with tbd days of skiing. It is amazing how different conditions can be between ski areas in Utah.


Some of my family favorite places to eat are:

High West Distillery



Burgers and Bourbon

Lookout Cabin


I couldn’t tell you about reservations, we pretty much wing it depending on how we feel after skiing. Hope this helps.

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Thanks Bill9994. We are most likely going to concentrate on PCMR for skiing. A few of us might take a day at Canyons or DV but not sure yet. Had no idea the conditions could vary that much between the three resorts.
We are also considering snowmobiling, bobsledding & or sleigh rides.
Thanks for the restaurant suggestions. They look great.
Trying to figure out New Years Eve as well.
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How many days are you going? Might want to check out the epic pass, both PCMR and Canyons are included. Here is a link.

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Skiing 3-4 days with the possibility of off day snowmobiling, bobsledding, sleigh rides, ice skating etc etc. Lots of people in our group so all kinds of options I would guess
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