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So I am a senior at my high school. I will most likely be higher varsity boys on my school team. Now, I am in Massachusetts and for anyone online familiar with EMBWL, I was on the Nashoba team last year and did fairly well. I was considering doing Nashoba Rovers this year for the bigger competition and more hardcore training (because I will most likely not ski race in college). So I wanted to make this year my best. I looked into Rovers and it only seems they do mid-week training sans racing. They didn't say anything about their Saturday racing and I have a friend who did it last year and said the majority of the races were in New Hampshire. I have yet to call the hill, but my mother said they may have cut the racing probably because so many kids wanted to do training but not enough kids attended the races because it was so far up north.

Here's where I'm in a rut (pardon the bad pun). I want to do Rovers for the sake of better and more training; however, I'd also like to do BWL for the friendly atmosphere and the Sunday races--I think I need more racing experience. And if there's one day I'd like to stress over homework, I'd prefer Thursday night over Monday and Wednesday nights. What do y'all advise me? I'd particularly appreciate BWL members' opinions.

Thank you!