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Is it Fall Yet ?

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The weather is warm and pleasant, the warmest and driest Fall I have spent in St. Maries (11 yrs).  Golf has been excellent, fishing up the Joe tough, got skunked the other day for the lst time. 


However since it is the 8th of Oct. I  got my ski tuning stuff down from the garage loft today and set up my bench but didn't unpack any tuning gear as just too warm yet.   But hey historically we are only 6 weeks away from skiing so I have this deep spot in the back of my brain where it is snowing.  I know this is true because I get this brain freeze every once in  awhile without eating any ice cream so must be so.  


Did take my skis into Ski shack for new bindings.  


Cleared all my summer furniture off my deck since the weather is going to change Saturday to rain and colder.  Besides it was an excuse to get my ski tuning stuff down so I'd have room for summer cushions in the loft.


Notice quite a few hunters coming into St. Maries for opening of Elk & deer rifle seasons.  Elk hunting success has really dropped off mainly in the backcountry due to wolf packs really hitting the Cow/calfs hard.  The  SSS program will be in use this year.  Shoot, Shovel and Shutup, t he new creed for guys out in the woods when they see a wolf.


I guess the real giveaway is I have been on Epic more looking for fellow estranged early season zealots.  See Mike was here recently.   Hi Mike and Everybody.

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I see snow for our highest peaks on the forecast models for next week…


While not as much in town, it has definitely felt like Fall in the mountains the last couple weeks. There should be some good colors anytime now.


In the meantime, here's a writeup I found of what's new at our local resorts this season (excluding Schweitzer): (Good if you like terrain parks, I guess)



49° North

  • 8 new terrain park features have been added
  • New Menu Items and Head Chef: Frank Marmo joined 49 last year and completely re-vamped the Food and Beverage operation to rave reviews. He is looking to further expand the menu and service again this year.
  • Expanded Summer Slope maintenance / brush-cutting: Over 500 acres of new terrain have been added in the last 7 years.  An upgraded CAT 299 brush cutter has this newer terrain available earlier with less snow.
  • New high performance rental fleet from Sneva MFG Spokane, WA: The new line will feature the Sneva CCB. The CCB's are a big mountain ski with a more traditional shape. These skis are cambered with early rise tip/tail to handle any snow condition. The CCB is a versatile ski that can carve up any run, in or out of bounds.
  • Utility planning and upgrades for future remote lodge, utility construction to begin summer 2015 with lodge construction to begin in 2017.

Mt. Spokane Ski & Snowboard Park

  • Lodge 1 has been updated with new exterior paint and remodeled restroom and kitchens.  Guests will appreciate the more modern amenities and smoother, more efficient user experience.  Existing restrooms in the Main Lodge were also updated.
  • Mt. Spokane has added to its freestyle offerings with another brand-new Terrain Park!  The new Natural Park will be the third freestyle terrain area at Mt. Spokane, and feature new all-natural hits, jibs, and rails.  Existing parks include the almost mile-long Terrain Park, and the Progression Park geared specifically for beginners.
  • We are looking forward to a favorable Washington State Parks Commission decision in November on Mt. Spokane’s Terrain Expansion, allowing for significant recreational enhancements, safeguard natural areas and solidify the long-term future of Mt. Spokane as a regional asset.
  • Mt. Spokane’s 50th Annual Ski Patrol Ski Swap takes place this October 25th & 26th.  This is the largest winter retail event in the Pacific Northwest, featuring over 22,000 items.  This event fully funds the non-profit Mt. Spokane Ski Patrol and makes rescue and medical care possible.  One of the first organized ski patrols in the nation, Mt. Spokane Ski Patrol has been serving the local community since 1938. 
  • Mt. Spokane is once again the region’s favorite place to ski, as voted on by readers of The Pacific Northwest Inlander.

Silver Mountain

  • Improving the guest experience - a new Mountain Host program has been rolled out to help answer questions and get new guests acclimated and enjoying our vast mountain. 
  • The two new runs, Bootlegger & Shady Lady, roughed in last year have been cleaned up and widen to their completed stage. These have quickly become two of the most popular runs due to their length and the challenging pitch.  
  • Terrain based teaching techniques are being added to the ski school to make it easier to learn how to ski or board. 
  • The Rental Shop has been remodeled to increase our efficiency in getting our guests out on the snow quicker. 
  • A progression terrain park is being expanded this year to help introduce young and adventuresome skiers to the joys of hitting rails and flying through the air. 
  • First Tracks program on Saturdays.  Enjoy an early morning breakfast and hit the slopes before the rest of the crowd on Saturday mornings to lay down your set of tracks in the fresh snow. 
  • An extra session during the weekend to popular 800 foot tubing hill providing more guest options.
  • A new webcam with night vision will be installed on the top of Kellogg Peak and aimed at a snow stake and temperature gauge so our guests can see live time conditions at the peak. 
  • There are still two weekends of biking before finishing up the summer season.  Beginner trails as well as intermediate and advanced trails were added mainly  in the chair 3 basin this summer.  Chair 3 operated on all days to give a better learning experience  and shorter ride  for people new to the sport of downhill biking.  Silveroxx bike race will be Oct. 3, 4 and 5.   

Lookout Pass

  • Lodge Expansion: An additional 14,000 square foot base lodge is projected to start construction during the summer of 2015.  The main level will house a new food court, expanded seating, and meeting room space.  The lower level will have overnight lodging rooms.
  • Terrain Parks: Jibbers will discover numerous improvements and upgrades to the Boarderline (front side), Rolling Thunder and Huckleberry Jam terrain parks, including features where tricks can be performed in plain view of guests relaxing on the deck. Lookout’s terrain park manager, Chuck Schmidt, also has a “natural themed park” and some special new features up his sleeve … stay tuned!
  • Snowsports School: A higher level of instruction is available at Lookout for skiers and riders of all ages and abilities. Programs include the Senior Workshop on Mondays, Downhill Divas for women only on Fridays and Next Level for intermediate and advanced skiers on Sundays. Individual and group lessons are offered every day the mountain is open.
  • Powder Wednesdays: Lookout gets so much snow we’re adding another day of face shots once again for 2014-15. In January and February the mountain will be open six days a week, from Wednesday through Monday.
  • New Snowcat: A Pisten Bully Edge has just been delivered to the mountain that brings Lookout’s fleet of snowcats up to five, ensuring that the mountain’s famous world-class grooming continues to earn great reviews.
  • Terrain Expansion: Phase One of Lookout’s long-range expansion plan has been accepted by the U.S. Forest Service. Phase One includes two chairlifts on Eagle Peak, a mountain to the immediate west of the current ski area, with the potential to add up to 700 acres with 14 new ski runs, and glade areas with a 1,400' vertical drop.  Additional planning and environmental studies are currently underway.
  • Changed the age group for the EZ 123 from 7 and up, to 13 and up.
  • New expansion and relocation of the small beginner park Huckleberry Jam. To better assist our guests the small park was moved to the other side of Huckleberry Ridge. Over 10 new super easy features that are perfect to  introduce the freestyle skiing and snowboarding to all ages and levels of riders.
  • In the beginner area (Success chairlift) Lookout Pass  Snowsports coaches will be utilizing a terrain based teaching format in conjunction with PSIA/AASI teaching techniques. Putting the 2 of these together is like teaching magic and creates a guest experience perfect for a beginner.
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There is snow on the high peaks looking up the St. Joe River from my house.  I put my camper shell on today - a sure sign that winter is coming.  Ski swap is Sat. I will probably go even though I need nothing in the way of equipment.

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Picked up a pass at Lookout also this year. Might be seeing a lot of you when the snow finally comes..
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Originally Posted by spknmike View Post

Picked up a pass at Lookout also this year. Might be seeing a lot of you when the snow finally comes..



Good Mike, EOB a little sketchy right now but...............................

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Have you been up there to trim in the last few years?
Should be a good week for building base starting Thursday! Looks like Thanksgiving weekend skiing could be very possible.
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Originally Posted by spknmike View Post



No we haven't, of the 5 guys only 3 are left, Van and John Drews are both gone now.  Sort of drained us. Yep hoping for some snow starting thursday,  well the ground is really frozen now and ready for the snow to stick.   Been waxing and tuning skis, have Jeff's, Hayleys, frans, Lisa's and Sandee's done maybe will start on mine in the next few days. Hope you are doing fine and will see you soon on the slopes.  If you want to Lookout we can meet at Rose Lake Exit 34 and ride up together.  Usually meet Jeff and/or Richard there too.

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.. How come that quote didn't pick up the quote?.. Flipped my view from Mobile to Desktop and it still didn't appear.. I've seen this a bunch.
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