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Telluride in January

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I have a chance to participate in organizing a professional event in Telluride in 2016. It would be mostly work and just a little snow play but I'd still like to know how Telluride conditions are early in January, as skiing is one of the major attractions for participants. Is there usually enough snow by the first or second week? Is it less crowded relative to February or March?
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I've only been there once, in early March, so I can't really comment on the conditions in January, but I can't imagine it being too overly crowded other than during the Christmas break.  If you go after the xmas/new years period, I imagine you'll be skiing right onto the lift unless it's a big pow day.


It's a beautiful place, I hope you get good snow, enjoy your time there and I'm jealous!  :)

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I am not a Telluride expert by any measure, but GO. :-) It's a totally cool and beautiful town, and there won't be crowds, even though early January is probably not the very best time for the best coverage... 

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There will be good snow. Unless there isn't.

There will be no crowds. They have snowmaking. Telluride is beautiful year round.

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