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Confused about ski boot size

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Hey Guys:


Quick question for you.


I was at the my local boot dealer this weekend and bought a pair of Tecnica Mach1 120 boots. When we were doing the fitting the largest size they had was 29.5.  This seemed pretty small even though I was wearing a dress sock.  With a ski sock I think it would have been way too tight.  I could see my toe pushing the liner out.  They also did the shell test but can't remember what they said.


They measured my feet on the mondo scale and the left foot came out to almost 30.5 and the left a little shorter but still over 30.0.  In the end I ordered the 30.5 but i am worried its going to be a bit too big.   


I am currently skiing in 30.5 Tecnica's from about 10 years ago and they have been perfect.  My foot does not move around at all  I took my boot and did the test with the wood dowel and it came out to 0.9" which I read is too much space in the FAQ.  I read its supposed to be 0.5".  I take it the new boots will also be 0.9" since its the same size (30.5). 


I am so confused and worried.  I had smaller boots before and my feet were so cold that I wanted to give up skiing.  With my current Tecnica's I am really happy.  They have been extremely warm and comfortable.  I just don't want to make a mistake.  What do you guys think.  Should I have bought the 29.5s or did I do the right thing.



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Not certain you realize the 10 and 30.5 are identical shells.  That said the shell fit sounds slightly large, but I'd worry the next size down will be a little small.  How much faith do you have in the shops ability to stretch or grind the boot slightly longer?  I'm a little worried that they let you try the liner on, which is absolutely boo help at all.  but if you are comfortable with their ability I'd say go smaller

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the new tecnica will most certainly be a different fit from the ones of 10 years ago, my gut feeling is as lou said if you trust your fitter go smaller, if you don't trust them find another fitter


there are lots of other factors in play, not just the physical length of your foot, the width, volume and general shape will play a big part in how your foot sits in any particular boot, for example if your heel is just a little wide for the back of the boot or your calf big you will be pushed forward into the toe box and however much space there is up there you will feel they are too small until something is done about the root cause of the problem (the heel or calf in this example)

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I took your guys advice and bought the smaller 29.5.  I did a shell fit again and was able to get a 3/4" dowel behind my heel while just touching the front of the boot.  Thanks for the advice guys.  I really appreciate it. 



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sounds like a perfect length.  Good luck.



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