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Hi everyone, I'm looking to buy a new (to me) pair of skis for this season.  I'd like your opinions on what to buy and possibly where to get the best deal. If you're selling your used gear, even better.


I've been reading around this forum and I think the Head Rev 85 Pro (177) might work for what I want, but would like to hear your opinions.


I'm an east coast skier, intermediate (wanting to move to advanced), 10-15 days per year, 5' 10" 170lbs.  I mainly ski groomers but would like to venture into glades as my skill level advances.  I like to go fast but want to try attacking moguls this season.


Looking for an all-in-one ski for my skill level and east coast conditions.  I've had the Prophets 100s in 172 previously but felt they were too short and too wide.


I'm open to suggestions and want to figure out my options.  If I missed some info that you'd like please let me know.


I also posted this in WTB but I figured it would get a lot more views here.


Thank you.