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Today (5/17/03) there was another meeting of Bears at the Basin. Unplanned, but several of us ran into each other and spent the day ripping around in very spring-like conditions.

Showing were Bob B, Tom Burch, Mike M, EA Brown (and friend), JimBobBubba, JP(and husband), CGeib(all the way in from Ohio), myself (and friend). Bob B may be posting photos soon.

Beautiful and warm, the snow softened early, with no lift lines! By 1pm, the snow was well past it's peak, and got progressively softer and wetter.
Then Bob, Tom, and I separated from the group to have some discussions re: the 2004 EpicSki Academy.

Good to see EA Brown back to holding a pair of poles, while Cgeib was busy refining some of the skills he began developing at the 2003 ESA.

A really fun day, everybody!